Money flows, sold out, blood gushes, not soul;

Roll from bank to bank, control takes their toll.

Pin hope in small bet, enrich some pockets;

No myth on my lack, hold on dream tickets.

Neither rich nor poor, wake up from such daze;

Pass my days in haze, leaders talk amaze.

Graft allowed by some, legal, not moral;

Sin is normal, just family quarrel.

Born in safe haven, oyster is their world;

Curl in princely pearls, all their rights unfurl.

Progress passes by, some live, many die;

No you-and-me cry, sigh or sing goodbye.

Cash flows in and out, care to feel enough;

Lack is often rough, tough will train the buff.


The sonnet was inspired after reading “The Soul of Money”. It was an old book, first published in 2003, then re edited in 2017. A short poem by Rabindranath Tagore expresses well the experience of sufficiency. Again the books I have read were loan from the Singapore Library. All the pictures from copied and pasted from the web, with appreciation to their owners. My intention was to encourage reading among the young, and to make notes or write responses post reading.

Recently Japan, under Tsutaya, will open a giant bookstore at pavilion Bukit Jalil, KL on 7th July. Thumbs up to them, but I am just curious why Malaysia is chosen. It is reported that Malaysians read less than a book per year. Though I read about 30-50 books per year, but I don’t buy anymore, due to fund shortage. I borrow from the library instead.

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