dark clouds and drizzle

flash and thunder under trees

strike in heaven”s way

rain drops fall on head

drizzle on bright sunny day

turn back, shine again

living with changes

walk the way or swear at sky

mind, weather or wrath


We face all kinds of woe and misery in a post pandemic world. The simplest daily problem is the unpredictable weather, especially in the coming months with the election. For the seniors, the travel is challenged, not only by the rain and flood, but also by traffic jam, and finding toilets to pee. In Malaysia, it’s much easier; no one will video a senior doing their natural download behind the bush. The same cannot be said in Singapore. The walking tracks in Singapore are excellent, paved and anti-slippery, lined by slogans to remind citizens to greet another, and defibrilator on stand by, and lots of lamp posts and CCTV, but no toilets in some long stretches. It’s hard to even do it in the bush, with so many CCTV around, and busybodies ( they have yet to reach the age to understand such problems). The pets have more rights than seniors, only the owners have to pick up the poo, not the pee. Well, I walk daily, whether in Malaysia or in Singapore, and my geographical confine is limited by my knees and bladder problems, though my prostate is normal. I have to readjust and balance my exercises, not excessive, and yet enough to overcome sarcopenia and osteopenia, and the weight, and related heart, lungs illnesses.I walk alone, but some prefer in groups.There are relative pros and cons for each, but in Malaysia, we meet before depart to greet hello and chat,even to strangers and other races. We have toopen our hearts, for another to open theirs. Perhaps people living in big city are more concerned about privacy.

Many of my poetry comes to me during the walk; they come uninvited.

The pictures are all copied-pasted from the web, with appreciation to their owners.

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