Daily Archives: November 25, 2022


Index in ink pot, dip and stain to vote;

Ballot booth to note, choice of code to dot.

Gerrymander, with kith and kin, to win;

Coax clients and cash, teenage voters spin.

Millions enter scene, shift old power game;

Hung neck to neck, zealous bigots to blame.

Intrigue by scandals, dead knots suffocates;

Money, race and religion dominate.

Push burden baggage to King, with tags stain;

Five days to free knots, odd marriage is sane.

Avoid overstep, apology heals;

Hard to seal the cracks, hate erupts and feel.

Dearth to govern well, saga show his worth;

Mirth of politics, bridge gaps in new birth.


Malaysia celebrates Anwar Ibrahim as the 10th Prime Minister, after 30 years of political saga. It is not an easy take over, with so many ills and malaise in the country. However, with all the contenders for current power game, most fair minded Malaysians will think he is the best man for the post at a very bad time.

I have no political links. The sonnet is mainly a narrative of what I have read from the media and the many forwarded mails to me. In a multi racial and multi cultural nation, it is naive to think the dominant will share power fairly with the minorities, bearing in mind the demographic trend of the nation. Nevertheless we need to appreciate one another’s sensitivities, and learn to readjust and re balance at each changing phase of development. The future is for the young to decide, and it is not an easy world to live in. Best for the seniors not to mess up things. The consolation for the election is many corrupt politicians lost their deposits and end their legacies in historical dustbins.

The title of the sonnet was from the awe of watching seismic shift of earthquake in Indonesia lately.

The pictures are all copied-pasted from the web, with appreciation to their owners.