spring sweep in shelter

silvery strands strewn on floors

season’s stressful stint

chores choke at corners

dust and dirt dwell on hoarding

less to free chaos

throw-away buying

waste is private affluence

deprive others’ right


I read Erich Fromm’ book “To Have or To be” several decades ago (First Published in 1976). Recently I have seen my old wife doing Spring -Cleaning, when the house is not really dirty, not perfect, but clean enough. Many other housewives do the same, and then suffer the aches and pain of excessive work. I do help a little, vacuum the floors before she mops. I notice more silvery strands strewn on the floors, due to the stress. The more furniture and fixtures, the more one has to bend to wipe and sweep. We clutter and then declutter in this market driven technology and advertisement. In our modern world, having is a status symbol and shows ease of living. These days, most of the things are not made to last, otherwise factories will close down and workers out of jobs. We have advanced fast in science and technology, but inwardly we are the same 50 years or more ago. The entanglement of private property, profit and power are still the same, but expressed differently. (The Latin word for private means to deprive another.) Authority and its power are entangled in it. US and the advanced rich nations have the obsession to stay supreme, to be in control of industry. Human Rights and Truth are just excuses for them.

I welcome any comment and discussion.

The pictures are copied-pasted from the web, with appreciation to their owners,


  1. Kan YC

    Modern society is an expression of laziness, its quest is to achieve the science and art of doing nearly nothing.AI, robotics and chips are going to relieve man from thinking and doing… nothing.

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      Yes, all these technological advances cater to appetites of more possession and acquisition. It is desire , insufficiencies that motivates more wants from needs. It swells the ego. Despite the material affluence, there is a deep seated spiritual poverty. Win at all cost, even at the cost of world war. With such a mindset, they can no longer listen to others, for the corrupted thoughts fail to pass through the flush system.

  2. Puah

    And nothing will change…so long as the powerful and abominable continue to be adulated by a blind, brainwashed followership equally guilty in complicity.
    We already have the answers, but most of us succumbed because of a multitude of reasons.. pressure, intimidation, global, national and community.

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      Welcome to my blog Mr. Puah. Under pressure, even governments chose what is secure for them, but the self deception will soon explode. One has to wake up at the end of the dream or nightmares, don’t we?

      1. Puah

        I take the liberty to wish Dr Lim n family, and all readers, a happy and peaceful Chinese New Year, year of rabbit. Of all the 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac, rabbit is undoubtedly the most gentle and adorable. May the power of the gentle rabbits remove all nefarious human intentions and resolve iron clad conflicts.
        Peace to the world.

      2. wonkywizard Post author

        Thank you Mr. Puah. Greetings to you and your family. The chaos will continue for some time, until a new stability evolved. Kishore said the world would enter a new CIA era (C for China, I for India, A for ASEAN), and America would fade off in its persistence to crumble the rest of the world. The world is not for one nation alone. It is shared by all.

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