fig fruits hide flowers

sexes, wasps frolic inside

in idyllic scene

fun and fuss with figs

sip coffee with widow’ s tales

dip in nearby stream


On the third day of Chinese New Year holidays, my nephews and their family drove me to visit Fig Farm of Malaysia at Janda Baik, about an hour and half from my residence, in the rain with traffic congestion.

Janda in Malay means widow; Baik means good or righteous. I was curious to know how the name of the place come about. Mr. Syed, a civil engineer from Nottingham University, UK, related the history for me. There was once an orang asli (Malaysian aborigines; a settlement of them nearby) witch doctor who resides here. His wife ran away , reason unknown. He used his witchcraft skill to get the return of his wife; the place was then called Janda Balek. The local Malays changed Balek to Baik. The senior Syed wrote a thick book on Fig Culture in the Tropics, started a fig farm and harvested them for export, with lots of downstream products.

This place has become a resort area for city folks, with lots of Home Stays. It is a serene place, with misty hills and idyllic scene, and a fast running stream nearby. Unfortunately, the rain and construction caused some minor mud slide, and the litters and rubbish would soon destroyed its serenity and tranquility. Plans for landscaping could be for sale, with deforestation.


  1. Puah

    Dr Lim you look fabulous sporting the new spring spirit, whereas many of us are still lazing around, with Mandarin orange hangover effect I guess.
    CNY celebration is very much alive, so long as you still hear the prapa pa firecracker outburst in the neighborhood. For me, an old retiree,
    grew up in the Kampong, this is once a year luxury, reminiscing good old childhood days!

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      Thank you Mr. Puah. Humans are both conscious and social brings. As such we need to walk out of our ivory tower or prison to explore the meaning of living. We retire from work, not from living. The original sin is walking away from mother nature, and stain our child like innocence in the dynamics of interaction. We treasure our culture, just like others treasure theirs, but we learn not to hold it to fast, for nothing stays permanent.

      1. Puah

        True, Dr Lim. While being a social animal, man also is adaptive to the changing environment through time.
        CNY celebration will end soon, probably on Chap Goh Mei, when Klang river will be polluted with Mandarin orange dumps…. No, I am just kidding… I am sure modern youths are smart enough to abandon such a wasteful and meaningless tradition.

      2. wonkywizard Post author

        I don’t make cross cultural judgement. Mandarins are not cheap these days, and people have different ways of meeting. Despite all this, the young married late or not at all, n might not have kids. This refers to the Chinese. The Malays have less economic concern, as they are more protected.

  2. Puah

    Taking cue from Dr Lim ‘s love of mother nature, i am pleased to share 2 clips, 1 in Chinese, on ways to raise the level of serotonin the happy hormone. Neuroscience might have given man the answer to
    man’s fervent quest since time immemorial of happiness and health, through uncovering of some good hormones such as serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, endorphins etc… Now back to mother nature…the benefits i enjoy from daily brisk walks under the sun validate the positive effects of sunlight, open space, fresh air and exercise. I also have a clip on oxytocin but without the link. I can WhatsApp to Dr Lim.
    Have a great day!
    1. Google, Michael Unks 7 ways how to raise serotonin levels naturally

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      Thank you Mr. Puah for sending the video. I study Yi Jing (The Book Of Change), Daoisn, Buddhism, Confucianism , the Bible , poetry (east and west) to explore the meaning of living.Good and Bad are a dual pair; we see one in the other. We do what is the sane or natural way of doing, not to beget oxytocin etc to enrich us, to augment our happiness or well being. It is good to have a scientific explanation (not sure he measures his hormones at the moment) to inspires us to do or be good. Sometimes it’s good to be just simple as a human being, forgetting about concepts and hormonal measurements; knowledge does not equate with living well.

      1. Puah

        I agree with you totally Dr Lim with regards to your holistic concept, all encompassing. Science is just one of the many aspects.
        Thanks for your prompt response.

  3. Puah

    I am not familiar with modern poetry. It would be hubris of me to even attempt to appraise an established fine piece of art. Nevertheless i do appreciate Dr Lim ‘s unwavering spirit and scrupulous diligence in producing one poem after another. I don’t know of any other contemporary poets in Malaysia with this kind of passion. For a reader to fully understand or appreciate a modern poem which is often intricate with awesome, profound subtleties, let alone metaphor or pun, intended or otherwise, one must have two prerequisites, time and patience. I don’t know how many genuine readers we really have.
    My apologies if my comment sounds unpleasant.

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      Thank you for your fair and frank comment. Go to the menu, and write: Rogue Rats. It is my translation of ancient Chinese poem, into a haiku format: 5/7/5 syllables, in 3 stanza, with a note. The poetry is in Book Of Songs (Shi Jing 诗经).

      1. wonkywizard Post author

        Excellent comment .Poem translation 477 Open Horizon , with both English and Chinese may be of interest With pictures, they form Visual Poetry.

      2. Puah

        I have left a comment in 477 Open Horizon.
        I remember many years ago backpacking with my German friend in German Black Forest schwarzwald–an unforgettable experience.
        I will continue the inspirational journey of poetry appreciation through Dr Lim’s sharing.
        Next station: WASTED WEARINESS.
        Thanks Brother!

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