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Retired Medical General Practitioner. MA (English) at Open University, Malaysia. Published two poetry books: 1. Flickering Flame: Poetic Echoes. 2. Landscape and Cloudscape: Poetic Echoes.



wars wail out new ghosts

melancholy mood in air

the lonely aged moans

clouds bow in twilight

snow dance and drift by whirl wind

cause upheaval scene

ladle left emptied

of rice wine, stoke flame in stove

sparks red fiery sight

severed state and news

scrawl my poetry in sorrow

sadness sunk in void


This is a translated poem by Du Fu, a popular Chinese poet, sage historian, and humble civil servant in Tang Dynasty (712-770AD). I have chosen to translate in haiku/senryu, instead of line to line rendition of five characters regulated verse, in couplets per line, with total of four lines.

The original title is Facing Snow, written in 756. There was an An Lu rebellion in Chang-an and the poet was arrested and locked up in the city in winter. The couplet depicted the suffering of war and the hardship in winter, living with little money to procure wine to keep warm, and inadequate clothing. He sang his sorrow in solitude, with weariness about war, winter and poverty.

We share his sentiments about the illegitimacy of state affairs and corruptions, and our restricted freedom in MCO. We have an extended lockup. Our calamities with covid-19  pandemic is a war with disease and out of balances in living. Our “winter” will be prolonged, lasting a year or two. By the end of the upheaval, if not sick or dead, we would be bankrupt, or jobless for some. Like Du Fu, we are healed in the poetry of living., the morals of love and compassion. It is always in darkness that human beings awake with new understanding. We see the shadows of our ego and desire better in the dark, for the little light that shines shows the way out of the tunnel.

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Malaysian Haiku/Senryu Echoes 548: Fake Facade

scarry scattered sects

well infected walk pass by

fatal encounter

the young recovered

old rest in hospital beds

double as coffin

none is intended

human rights play free fair game

fake facade falls flat


Our lockup is extended for a further four weeks, but with more freedom of movement. In my neighborhood, scattered groups of infected construction workers were detected; they were asymptomatic or pre symptomatic. Most of them would recovered well. However, these well infected have roamed the streets and malls nearby, endangering the seniors who live nearby, who need to come out to get their food and groceries. Well meaning volunteers visit many houses with food and cash, risking their lives too. Good if bad, the world is so connected, that only politicians find time and issues to moralise them, by blaming one group against another. Yet they put on a facade of superheroes to face the world.

Poem Translation Echoes 547: Rogue Rats

image of a rat

skinned off its decency dress

bare is death in man

rodents with sharp teeth

gormandise without restraint

dead man without shame

rats yield to own form

humans don with moral stand

death throes to live up


This is my translation of an ancient poem, selected from the Classic (Ode) Of Poetry (Shining), 11th to 7th century BC, compiled by Confucius. Please read the original poem, Rats (相鼠).

I have chosen to translate it in haiku/senryu, for its brevity and diction. This ancient poem depicts rogue states and individuals. There are homophonic elements in Chinese script radicals, for instance, 皮( 疲) 齿 ( 耻) 体 ( 礼), together with imageries. The current spat between states and individuals illustrates this well.

Malaysian Haiku/Senryu Echoes 545: Witch Hunting World

computer crashed by

covid contamination

blame it on China

witch hunt woo world wide

twenty serotypes to spread

Unrepentant sins

vice on other cheek

hate droplets never heal wounds

love left at the gate


My pc is crashed by virus contamination. In our current lockdown, all IT shops are closed. I am unable to buy a hard disc to format it. I hope to buy a new computer via email and delivery. I am learning to send this via my hp. Yesterday I posted it in the reply section of Echoes 544.

There is poetry and hope everywhere. The Corona virus mutates fast, and many sub types have evolved. The American, African, Asian and Australasian are not the same strain, even the the disease bears the same name. The politician enjoys witch hunting, find blame to distract failing policies. Human beings should be more connected to fight the disease, not to fight on race and culture. We must not let the disease destroy our humanity.



mask to cover face

keep at distant social space

converse in cluster

Don't come close to us and wear a freakin' mask in public settings ...

more than two meters

awe to touch another soul

sealed lips to stop spread

Social Distancing Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

feelings are locked up

distracted by the disease

cut off breath and cash

It's OK to feel anxious.' How a professor in China faced ...

hefty fine and jail

restrict hours in house car porch

covid still supreme

Robin Esrock's Blog


With almost 2 million cases and 126 thousand dead globally, the US blame game against WHO and China is still unabated. With such mindset, the cases and mortality will rise further in US, with 25 thousand cases and 2400 death daily. The disease rages on, irrespective of the media propaganda against others.

In Malaysia, despite the strict MCO, we have reached 5000 cases and 82 dead, and will continue to rise above 6000, and hopefully it will be a halt, if the citizens comply with the orders as advised.  We cannot deny that the restrictions are causing personal and community hardship. In this run of haiku, I am using all the common words encountered to form a poem, sharing the hardship with all. My intention is never to alarm, but to alert readers. If we comply with all the recommendations by WHO, available to all, including Trump, then there’s no problem with wearing masks, social distancing, wash and sanitize, until all hell is over.

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bury body bags

no mourners  weep at mass grave

dignity in trench

Mass graves are dug as New York City buries 24 people EVERY DAY on ...

political smear

sanitize new pathogens

stray from surveillance

Joel Valdez (valdez6315) on Pinterest

juggle jigsaw piece

prey for a scapegoat to blame

time wasted in game

Trump, Tropes, And Trots | claytoonz

cost for over smart

sacrificing human lives

for rhetoric score

Political Cartoons: Congressional inaction on mass shootings


Covid novel 19 is on an exponential and destructive path throughout the world, with almost 1.79 m cases and 110 thousand dead. US top the world in total cases (53 K) and mortality (21K), but fall far behind in crisis management, and shortage of masks, respirators and beds. Unfortunately their top medical brains and experts are not in control. This is the saddest part in American history. All 50 states are infected. By the end of March, the US reported only 70 cases of Covid 19 , but two weeks later, the figures turned alarming. Like it or not, precious time was wasted in useless rhetoric, while the virus keep multiplying and mutating, and infected in diverse ways. The man in charge is in a bull ring. The same tragedy occurs in Europe and UK (almost 80K cases, 9.9k dead).  

Coronavirus crisis reveals our need for common ground

In Malaysia, we have 4683 cases, with 76 dead; a figure high by south East Asian comparison, but has more transparencies than some neighboring nations.  Our Health Minister follows WHO guidelines and even Oxford Guides well. We have tightened our surveillance and imposes heavy fine and punishment who those who infringe the MCO (Movement Control Order).  The problems are our under 18 teenagers (some 7000), who find staying at home render them insane or bored.  In fact, if one stays at home, there is no issues with masks, safe social distance, gloves, sanitizers and wash; provided one learns to keep fit physically, emotionally and mentally. Personally we have benefited from the isolation, in terms of learning more about proper balance in community living, and we pool and share our experience in e –chats and social media. Of course, there are many who just forwarded their mails, without reading or reflecting on its validity. We have learned much from the West, and the learning will now take a reversal role.  In crisis they sacrifice their aging and disabled; we don’t, or rather, the old has the wisdom to stay alive or accept death as it comes.

The cartoons are all copied and pasted from the web, with much appreciation.



you are not alone

your flag-waving flown on bow

braving across seas

Batman Bows Out With Brave, Bold, Metafictional Finale | WIRED

risk turbulent tide

signals surf inside barrel

beach break at safe shore

Sea Storm Painting Paintings For Sale | Saatchi Art

devilish distress

wailing wall wake up world, with

conflict in the crack

Image result for cracks in wailing wallcartoon

ritual regrets

awe fail to grow in fixed soil

water with love tears

Gardens: plants for cracks | Life and style | The Guardian


This run of haiku/senryu is inspired by reading kimbladeswriting on Coorona, TOGETHER, posted on 3rd April, 2020. The reading prompted me to respond in the first three lines. I then expanded further, as the pandemic spread further, and I received more poetry and songs from other writers. Please visit her blog to appreciate her poem.

Often I run out of topics to write. I venture out and seek inspiration from other poets and writers.

The pictures and cartoons are copied and pasted from the web, with appreciation to owner.



ambiguous awe

fact and fake of hidden threat

interact in stress

Conservative Critics of Trump's Coronavirus Conduct - LA Progressive

fear and rumour spread

lies and gloom across the globe

in contagious blame

News about #coronavirus on Twitter

connected crisis

over hoarding cause shortage

of varied supply ...

stay home to be sane

orderly balance living

controlled to converge

How to Stay Sane as a Cartoonist in Trumpland | The New Yorker

media mourning

world weeps for weird wide divide

trap in own tunnel

Italy's COVID-19 situation is dire but a photo of coffins is not ...


This long haiku/senryu is inspired by reading HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY, COVID -2019 OUTBREAK, by Damai Ross Garfin Et al , March 2020, via the good office of Academia. It provides a push or prompt to start. I like to turn my reading into poetry and haiku/senryu paraphrase the ideas more concretely in lesser words

There are now about 1.1 million cases, with 59 K death in Covid 19 globally. US leads the list of cases and death and will explode further in a week or two. In Malaysia, our figures go up, with 3486 cases and 57 death. There are two big clusters that we missed, one 300 group from the Church, another 40k from another religious congregations. Today we see many of our citizens return from overseas; many cross the Singapore- Johor causeway in their bikes without masks and kept safe distance. However, the more worried ones are those who are asymptomatic or with minimal symptoms, but are super spreaders. In this pandemic there is no use in catching up with the latest news and do nothing positive for own benefit.

We stay at home for a purpose, mainly not to get infected or infect another, especially own family members. We stay home to keep fit physically by disciplined exercises, not engage in over eating and alcoholism. Many household engage in panic buying; over hoard their food, masks and groceries. Even many governments and nations did that too, with respirators, gloves, masks and medications. Except in groceries and food, and coffins, industry is almost at a standstill.

Today China held a national mourning and commemorated 3322 dead, and confirmed martyrs status to 14 who gave their lives to save others. Frankly, without Wuhan strict lockdown for a month, the cases and death rate would be even higher. Nevertheless, good efforts are not always well appreciated. That is the nature of the human mind; harder to foster bond or heal misunderstanding across culture. It is currently reported that UK communication towers are vandalized due to rumours that 5G by China assists the spread of Covid D; causing the sudden surge in cases and death.The fake and fact, the rumour and gossips are so intertwined that becomes hard to straighten in the fast technology of modern media.

The psycho-social and emotional problems in the individual, family and community will gradually manifest themselves. Prolonged home stay might not improve dyad relate, but increase family violence and abuse; it might complicate physical and mental health problems in the individual. On a minor note, over eating and binging due to boredom of Stay Home may complicate medical problems.  Social distance ( from 3, to 6 feet, then 8 ft) might cause increased alienation and post-traumatic stress disorder, sleep disorder and angst. It might be the light at the end of a dark tunnel, only if we could use the free time to reflect on a wide range of issues. However, human beings have short memory span; the problem would soon be forgotten once the crisis was over.

The cartoons are all copied and pasted from the web. Thanks to all cartoonists.



gratitude to gift

glory to godly grandeur


ripen at right time

reap fresh supply of sweet fruits

rich reward at home

indulgence no more

crazy world crack at bottom

revamp resources

Cracked (magazine) - Wikipedia


To date there are about 740K cases reported, with 35K death in the world. The figures increase at an alarming rate in almost every country daily. Information on Covid 19  is too excessive; over reading them do not help ordinary citizen. Governments are worried about disease control, and economic protection. Hindsight wisdom does not help anyone. From the many forwarded mails in social media, the best citizens could do was abiding the rules recommended, MCO in Malaysia. If you are dead or infected, all these knowledges are really useless. Fancy even a doctor went out jogging despite warning; there’s no community responsibility. Or many attended social gathering or functions, forgetting that the best is STAY AT HOME, STAY FIT TO SURVIVE THE ORDEAL.

Weatherford cartoon: Stock market beating - Opinion - The Pueblo ...

Last year we threw some papaya seeds in the backyard of our rented house; it had grown to about 15 ft tall, bearing almost 30 fruits or more. I pray my gratitude to this tree, feeding us almost every day with organic fruits. After more than a week of stay, we run out of meat and vegetables. It’d crazy to queue in supermarkets or markets and exposed to contamination. With mask on, my wife walked to nearby shop to buy some fruits, vegetables and bread for the week. I drove out to a nearby shop to buy meat. I thought it best to buy cooked food than raw, for the shorter queue and crowd.  With mask and pot, I went to a nearby BKT shop to buy four packets of assorted pork. At 8 am, I was the only customer; there were few cars or people in the vicinity, but no police bloc. Within 20 mins, I was home. I washed the car with soapy water, clean the gate and dustbin top; spray away the dog shit, cigarette butts thrown by my neighbor, plus a dead rat carcass. Then I cleaned up my slippers, sanitize the door of the house, and part of the car interior that I had touched. Thereafter, change all my clothes, and followed by a hot shower. It was only 20 min outside, but half an hour to wash and clean. My wife did the same ritual; she spent half an hour to do their purchases, and the next half an hour to wash and clean. If we were to go out often, then the time spend on these cleaning rituals would be overwhelming. We decide to skip our lunch. Taking three meals a day is not a biological requirement.  The time saved is for keeping fit in exercises, lots of stretching and deep breathing. The body, mind and spirit are never separate.  The isolation allow us to rethink on our balances in living, relate and leisure; time to re learn diet and nutrition, diseases and their medication, and all other therapies.  It is strange that many people find these basic principles hard to follow. They read and talk too much about it, but they hardly do and act.  As a poet narrator, I prefer to pen all these in haiku/senryu, so that readers can share and comment.

The first two pictures were snapped by my hand phone; the cartoons were copied and pasted from the web, with appreciation.



wave to wife and walk

front to end home exercise

fit to stay alive


greed germs germinate

omnipresent ghastly ghosts

foul in all things touched

Obsessive Compulsive Fear Of Germs Stock Vector - Illustration of ...

heal in sealed confine

contact contamination

masks, gloves, clean and change

DENR on Twitter: "LOOK: Home Quarantine Procedures created by ...

discipline deprived

play media gossip game

boost boredom by blame

Saved By The Bell-carra – New Laws Thwart Jenny Hill's Plans For ...

quarantine breakers

fear social isolation

more than viruses

Cagle Cartoons, Inc. - Search: stock-market

laud divine distance

social border go berserk

humanize humans

CSotD: The Divine Right of Donnie The Daily Cartoonist


To date, global Covid 19 pandemic has exceeded 656 K, with 31 thousand dead.  US and Italy has overtaken China in total infection. Rest of Europe and other parts of the world are in dire need of help, but hospital beds, equipment, respirators are lacking. In Malaysia, from 22 cases, we explode into 2320, with 27 deaths.  The basic principles by WHO and our government are the same. The CMO (Controlled Movement Oder) is to avoid large migration of people and spread the infection all over. Unfortunately 5 – 10 % of people chose to escape testing, quarantine or isolation.  The government has to impose fines and jail to save lives and economic costs.

Stay At Home order is not easy for many to follow.  Based on my own understanding and practices, and the many forwarded news, rightly or wrongly, I woke in the morning to pen my haiku/senryu before they are forgotten.

We lived in a small terraced house.  We walk from front to end of the house (inside), as walking exercises, with my wife in the opposite traffic. An occasional wave (not waive) added fun, after many turns of straight walk. We do some stretching and breathing exercises to keep fit; repeated several times a day; often during TV commercial break.

We see many people crowded in supermarket to buy their groceries and vegetables. Though they all wear masks, and with some distance, they still run the risk of infection. There are e-shopping and delivery, and exposure to contamination will be less in e trading at times of crisis. Though we did not stock, we have enough food for two. We might skip our lunch and replaced with a just a tea break. We do not want to over eat during isolation. If we venture out, we simply increase our risks of infection to multiple contacts.

However, the most important thing is not just obey the rules, but to re-examine our habits, and rituals, and our priorities in living. My experience in Hospice Care has taught me well. The quarantine breakers are mostly younger people with very poor self -discipline; among them even doctors and graduates. The long haiku/senryu narrate their angst and part of their emotional and psychological turmoil in crisis.

All the cartoons were copied and pasted from the web with appreciation.