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At their invitation I delivered this talk to a group of hospice volunteers in my home town. This was about two years ago. I had posted this in my web for almost a year and half, and was hardly visited, except by my Aussie friend and couple of others. The problem was it’s difficult to open the file and read the slides.

If you are interested, please visit Categoris under Library: Hospice Care, scroll down to the intended topic; double click on right, when the topic appeared in a box format, click open to read the file from word press library.

There was a saying, to live well, learn to die well. Please don’t ask me to quote the source. The hanging coffin at the header is always a reminder on the inevitability of death. I gave it a new coat of paint, in a metaphorical way.


Allure by the azure bright;
Emit from distant tunnel light.
Mother, in her best, stands there;
Legendary friends meet with flair.
Serene and light, float in mid- air;
Tearing teens weep vigil over body;
The wind caresses their hair in lobby.
The seeping energy forbids long stay;
To another world, the breeze flies away.


Falling in love is blind;
The pimples appear divine.
The wet towels thrown on the floor;
Butts, empty cans provoke eyesore.
Hoping the bad habits will change;
Until the partner become derange.
Marriage roller coastal may be rife;
Medication replaces the quest for life.
Easier to remember all the hurt:
Nagging about the bruises and dirt;
Erect high walls to forgive the person:
Enjoy drama in foul mouth and action.
When the relate and sadism turns sour;
We cling to the family in the last hour.
The family is the first and last contact;
To comfort us in the final ugly attack.
To relate well is thus to live well;
Simple reasons don’t sound the bell.


Not long ago we whined and dined together;
You were quiet but still full of laughter.
The sudden news that you left the class;
Hasten to meet mates on heavenly pass.
When you were assemblyman, too busy for all;
The brawl in politics forced you on the wall.
In public office, you had no private life;
The wildlife and nightlife was rife.
The stroke jolted your balance;
Fame repaid in hidden grievance.
The mask you wore not without cost;
The lost self turned into exhaust.
We might be transiently apart;
Farewell, you are alive in our heart.


They insist to look at my bucket list;
In the hanging coffin was the missing gist.
Live with dignity but die without;
Torment all till the last blackout.
Family first, but no time to spare and care;
Relationship impaired, no love to share.
In living, you are in control;
In dying, suck into the sinkhole.
Unfulfilled dream and desire;
Dissonance is hard to rewire.
While living no urgency for action;
Health, fortune and logic are fiction.
Younger and healthier might be treason;
Procrastination sold your life in auction.
It you still persist to view my black list;
Ascend and enter my coffin for a tryst.