Polls on Toilet day, monkeys on mandate;

Money for stretched hands, frustrate may migrate.

Dark clouds loom on sky, flood doom the coastline;

Pacts in packs align, alliance define.

Download color code, all arrive by boats;

Dote on corruption, bloat with excess votes.

Earning short pay debts, ringgit value fall;

Prices rise daily, misery for all.

Ukraine war drags on, hard to compromise;

Stay supreme not wise, vain to realize.

Humans and devils, cross others” border;

Pick up piece of truth, and shout tall order.

Never fair and just, the world we reside;

Dare to face compete, hope and pride confide.


Our National Election will be on 19th November, which is UN Toilet Day, not a good day to chose, but there is fear of fresh flood ravaging the nation and disrupt the economy again. Candidates on both government and opposition parties align themselves in political pacts and form economic and racial packs, rather than multiracial in orientation.

The Ukraine war is more than 8 month, with advent of winter, and no end in sight. Tomorrow is Halloween , and humans and devils cross border, blurring the morals. Someone said satan picked up a piece of paper, and that is the devil’s version of truth, and how the others must follow. US must always be No 1, and the rest must just obey, especially Asians. Another war between US and China would be chaotic for the world, including US and allies.We hope leaders could wake up in time, for co-operation would be more relevant.

The narration was based on the forwarded messages I received in my daily life. The pictures are copied-pasted from the web, to assist understanding. My appreciation to their owners.


perks to go fly kites

best odd bets for ballot win

and with strings attached


With a tarnished image, Liz step down after 45 days of short lived glory. She will, however, get about 160,000 Sterling p.a. for life. Despite her PPE from Oxford, and experiences in many portfolios, and a think tank member in UK, she fumbled on her economic policy. Apparently she could not cope in a crisis situation. We wonder how effective would a electoral two or three party system select leaders in a modern world. We se the same failure in Malaysia, US, Europe and elsewhere. We share the same electoral tragedy with UK, in the sense of three PM within a short time, and a bleak future ahead.

The picture shown was copied-pasted from the web, with appreciation to its owner.

Apology: My figure was quoted from the internet. Nevertheless, it is still a hefty figure, in such bad times. I was again told, by Singapore standards, the sum was humble.

“No need for apology. 😊As of 2022, the British PM earns £161,401 annually made up from her salary as PM (£79,496) and the rest from salary MP”


upright stand to wise

copy crocodile crawl craze

far-off fads fade fast


My medical colleague in Malaysia advised me to start a fling with Crocodile Crawl in Singapore, as a Birthday Bonanza. With my frequent flare of osteoarthritis (despite the total knee replacement four years ago), he though I could still crawl at 76 years. As a counter joke, I replied I might need his girl friend’ sanitary to pad all my joints. I wrote this haiku to remind him that we evolved from homo erectus (standing upright) to sapiens (wise) over such a prolonged time.


Bomb and blast by both, Human Rights wordplay;

Kill to protect world, explain faith away.

Brainwash by bullshits, perspectives change hands;

Educate in West, feel the sand I stand.

Drag into quagmire of war, by weird west;

Sanctions and control, prices beat own breast.

Dollars dominate, obey and bow down;

Frown on comic gown, drown with frogs around.

Wars monger on, weapon traders enrich;

Ostriches bury heads, run by old witch.

Her charm causes chaos, breaks coastal sea chain;

Compatriots gain, sane with central reign.

Democide is a crime, condemn by all;

Aware of state terror, inspire by awe.


little litter bugs

throw and toss trash and tantrum

to meet ants” mindset

Glory to God for many splendoured things;

Learn to laugh in face of what sorrow brings.

Roots have rotted and pointless to trim crown;

Frown on corrupt clowns, uproot from base down.


I took a picture of the day break. A few friends wondered where was this lovely place with such a huge lake. It was the swimming pool in the condominium, overlooking the verdant hills beyond. Our eyes are often deceiving. It is a world of make-believe. The picture was taken with my hand phone in the early hours. It was a good time to exercise, without anyone around. With such a beautiful area, residents must learn to treasure it.

I was asked, whether I would be an activist, pick-up all the daily rubbish into the adjacent bins. “No”, was my reply. The cleaners would be out of job, and they would sat nearby, laughed out aloud. After my pictures and haiku, the management was prompt to clean up. New trash were seen thrown around, if the litter bugs pursued with their traditional habits. We share the environment and each of us are responsible for our own conduct. I would never throw wherever I go.

In the above four stanza lines, the first was from Hopkins, the second from Bob Dylan, and the last two contributed by me, inspired by news of another political election.


Seek enlightenment, strangers lurk in dark;

No light to spark life, hark and bark in lark.

In throes of distress, hush, help in hassle;

Pairs lock in battle, blind by the dazzle.

Perspective protects, but poles pull apart;

Stance causes conflict, letting go free hearts.

Duality duel breeds disorder;

Good is bad in disguise, fuzzy border.

Move towards goodwill, know beliefs divide;

Pride no longer hide, ignite light inside.

Opposite of opposite pairs do meet;

Pairs sit on other feet, sweet with deceit.

Polar pairs pierce at self, link and bond break;

Aware pairs are delusory and fake.


When one is in and out of hospital within a short time, the mind tend to be contemplative. Either the body or mind decay faster than the other. As one ages, sarcopenia and osteopenia or dementia, or forms of memory loss tend to follow.I exercise, even moderate for my age, there is always risk and side effects, and need to seek new balance. The outside world, with ceaseless wars and sanctions, is increasingly polar and racial. The Free World is no longer as free as one imagined. Even highly educated leaders appear really stupid. With that background, I re read Genesis and Loka Dhamma, with eights pairs of vicissitudes of living, and Taoism and Confucinism, and works by Jiddu Krishnamurthi for some inspiration. Well, all these are merely knowledges, and they will never provide light within. The series of personally events and changes in outside world, has helped me to see duality in different aspect. I understand that the pairs are not alone, but all linked together. Once a pair is understood with awareness , they fall apart, and no longer cause confusion and conflict.

The pictures are copied and pasted from the web with appreciation to their owners.


wind rattles the leaves

fall from grace, dead on ground

scatter as debris

drown by graft and debt

play finger pointing game , blind

to backward digits


The pictures are all copied and pasted from the web with appreciation to their owners.


Ate expired good cheese, germs caused bloody shit;

Purge was so massive, frugal had no wit.

Hands on saline drip, whipped on toilet trips;

Hard for legs to lift,prayers on my lips.

Buy and throw is waste, price-rise make us chase;

Housewives act in haste, brisk paces to trace.

Thrifty turns costly, fear burdens the bill.

No frills is no thrill, extra gives the chill.

Bless with few symptoms, mercy still prevail;

Make us all worthy, peace effort avail.

Ache by the sick bed, pain keeps one awake;

A day hard to take, long stay miss daybreak.

Swear words are taboo, strong words to shout pain;

Twist in life is strange, the twain meets in vain.


On Sunday mid night I was admitted with massive bloody diarrhoea, , liked the picture shown above, except it was 15 times more profuse. After the download, I felt weak and sweaty and pale and called my wife. She was equally alarmed. It was middle of night , the fear of what might happened during the night , and the status of diabetes and hypertension might played up with blood sugar, BP, and fluid lost. I was wheeled in at ICU unit Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore, and then transferred to ward, for the last available bed. The mattress was not comfortable, and with a saline/dextrose drip, and the light, I could hardly sleep. I suffered another two episodes of such bleeding in the hospital. In the toilet it was hard to undress my pyjamas and pampers and underwear in the small space, with a bad knee. I managed to do all that, feeling exerted and weak, and rested in the toilet bowl, then pulled the string for help to my bed, and re-continued the drip. I knew few nurses were available in night shifts, and thought best to let other patients who suffered more, to have more care and attention.

I was discharged the next day, despite the continued bleeding. It was food poisoning, caused by E. Coli, of all germs. Thank God, I was the only one affected. Antibiotic was started, and the doctors expected I would be well. In my GP practice I had never encountered such severe Food Poisoning, and a lesson for me to learn after retirement for eight years. The bed was needed by another patient.

I could not sleep and there was an overhanging TV, with Channel news. It was showing Music Therapy of Afghanistan. In the ward, you could not turn on the volume louder, and I followed up on my return home. It was encouraging to watch. Similarly I had my poetry therapy, and I though best to write in Sonnet, and titled it Bloody Shit.

The pictures were copied and pasted from the net, with appreciation to their owners. I had problems posting mine, and too weak to show except the hospital food and my bloody shit at home. All the pictures were sent to my family members and friends to watch, with the words that the toilet bowl was not part of the food supplied. (The hospital food was excellent and healthy, with steamed cod fish, and even coffee.) My brother commented I was a bad joker. I told him it was good to laugh at yourself at times. My wife asked how come I was the only one infected. I replied, it was good to have me alone suffered, rather than all. On my return home, the grand kids came to hug and offered help in carrying food. I am very touched that they learn to care and have concern for another.


land of abundance

indulgence of greasy hands

shout out dignity

swear greed bring them down

autumn leaves wither and fall

futile, blown by the wind

obscenities stay

courts clear corrupt corridors

survive through winter


I was checking the dictionary for “shoutout”, and the lyric of the song appeared. I read through it ad found some ideas to write my poetry. The racial political rally in Malaysia is a kind of popular hip hop trend , in the sense that it win votes by pandering peoples’ baser instincts. On Merdeka (Independence Day 31st August), a friends send me a flag of the nation with the words, ” Malaysia is a land of Abundance”. Indeed it is so, but we have so many thieves, who steal, and call to protect their dignity.

I went for a stroll in the park just outside the house. It was a hot sunny day, with weather forecast of heavy rain. It was a cool walk under the shade, with strong winds blowing, shedding all the leaves like an Autumn in the west. The withered leaves fall and make way for rebirth of the new, instead of robbing them of water and nutrients. Some leaders are arrested or on the list, but many obscenities are left behind.

The pictures are all copied and pasted from the web with appreciation to their owners.



fallen leaves on ground

no earth for seedlings to grow

carry off by wind

prosper thy neighbour

seeds sprout into giant trees

with flourish garden

(Fallen leaves return to their roots– to revert to one’s origin)

hard to decouple

centuries of linked culture

beyond boundaries


I was amused my PM Lee speech in Chinese. He changed the third character of a common chinese proverb,落叶归根 (fallen leaves return to their roots as nutrients) to 落叶(生)根 (fallen leaves must be rooted to grow ). After their sojourn in another land, many Chinese will return to their home land (China). Of course, these are our ancestors (not my grand father, or father); for generations they stay in their new place as loyal citizens. There are reasons for their failure to get rooted and grow locally. Singaporeans, whether Chinese, Indians or Malays have no such concern , as long as the laws are fair and just. Malaysian Chinese wish to be rooted and settled in Malaysia, but, unlike Singapore, they face racial discrimination. The tribal war drum is sounded again. Dignity is lost not due to greasy hands, but others using chopsticks. The talented and rich ones migrate to Singapore and elsewhere. The problem is more relevant to us than to Red Spot.

The implication is Chinese must decouple their China link, and adopt a more local context and reference. (Uncertain the reasons why the other races were not mentioned at all.) I think such angst is over rated, for Chinese are always very practical minded people. I am English educated, but I enjoy reading Chinese poetry and literature, and even politics in China. There are no conflict in my interest.

I watched Chinese movie, Sword Snow Stride, and the protagonist defended on the idiocy of taking sides, either support one or the other, like the rest. He had the freedom to chose both (or rather his own) perspective , with his own creative reasoning and logic, with morals in mind. Maybe it’s an inclusive rather than exclusive choice, in the Tao of daily living. However, we could not have two sets of rules or double standards, as we observe in the politics of the confused talented. Otherwise the chaos will be endless. Personal or national interest are always hidden behind their bold statements.

Nature has taught us where there is death, there’s rebirth, or renew.