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In my last R & B 10,, anger and faith, the dividing line on belief is thoughts of kindness or violence; the differences among religions are cultural, languages, politics and rhetoric. Faith are belief we hold as “security” in the uncertainty of living and certainty of death. We believe there is serenity in faith, but this may no longer be true, if faith and energy are not well balanced.

We are angry for varied reasons.  My young man is angry because he is not recognized by his peers; that invisibility hurts and cause anger.

The word re cognition means to be repeatedly cognized, identified, acknowledged. It is a kind of seeking self-identity by another. The ego feels assured in another’s memory; a seeking of security, approval, support and prestige. In other words, the ego needs affirmation from outside. When the ego is unable to fulfill its wishes or desire, it is either compressed inwards or expand outward into anger. Some egos need designer shoes, branded handbags, fashion clothing, jewelries, straight a results, titles, degrees or even marriage and children to inflate it – keeping with the Johns and Jones, instead of just doing our best, and leave the rest to God or destiny. There are social connections and other condition for success. In other words, social recognition is regarded as a reward. However, non- recognition should not be regarded as punishment. In every reward, there is personal and social cost to pay. We find a lot of celebrities pay their fame with their lives. The winning is in the loss; and vice versa. In the quiet of non- recognition, there are opportunities and time for learning. This is a blessing in disguise and is often not appreciated. The world can be viewed as fair or unfair, depends on how one sees it.

I am not a psychologist to dwell in Theories. I find literature is as helpful as the other disciplines or religion.

Many must have read Aesop’s Fable in their childhood and have forgotten their lessons, or rather they do not tell such stories anymore. Please read these free “chicken soup for the soul” for free.

The Crow and The Swan: http://www.happychild.org.uk/nvs/cont/stories/aesopsfables/page0125.htm

And The Donkey and the Cricket:

Hopefully we learn about our limitations, and it will not be wise to waste our energy on it. It may be more fruitful to spend our energy and resources in exploring our potential and other skills. There are simply many levels of Smart; foolish in one and may be smart in the other or more domain. All these animals have their own smart.

Social Darwinist may tell us about the survival and continuation of the strong and vice versa for those who could not made it. The strong may not be the fittest, Do not get too concerned about the rat race; it may be good to lose games sometimes, for life is long and uncertain.

Any discussion?