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In doughy folds, the pasty holds its fill;

Soft, cheesy and sticky, a taste divine.

Ang Ku Kueh, a treat that brings thrill and spill;

In every bite, a flavour that aligns.

Yet in the oven, garlic bread does bake;

Its scent a fragrance to instill the heart.

The crunch of crust, the tender warmth it makes;

A perfect match with pasta, cheese or tart.

These two delights, so different and sweet;

Could bring us joy with every bite we take.

Flavors, textures and aromas compete;

A symphony of tastes we cannot fake.

In every meal, these two could grace our plate;

In their pleasures, our senses could sedate.


A friend send the pictures of ang ku kueh and Japanese garlic bread to Chat gpt, with instruction to compose a sonnet. I merely ensure each line has 10 syllables each.


Bathe in its shine and light in our walk;

The morning sun is a symbol of hope.

A new day, a new beginning:

Let us embrace it with open arms.

Our muscles and tone need to tone;

But let’s do it in spurts, not all at once.

Let’s take it slow: step by step

And feel the enrgy flow through us.

Time to greet the day with exercises

Beat up the pulp to get us energize.

Stretch and move, and feel the burn

Our bodies will thank us in return.

Let’s push ourselves to be our best;

And never settle for anything less.

With each rep, we grow stronger,

And our confidence last even longer.

Disability is not a weakness

Its a strength that we possess

We face challenges everyday

But we never get them in our way.


This was the morning message I sent to my of my friends and relatives:

Hurrah to the morning sun, bathe in its shine and light in our walk. The muscles and bones need to tone. Yet we need to do it in spurts. (Time to greet the day, and beat up the pulp in exercises. Ed I miss out a few words in forwarding via hp)Time to rest and continue my reading on THE POWER OF DISABILITY and find inspiration from others.

A friend sent that to Chat GPT and asked to compose a poem based on that. She then sent that reply to me. I called her back to check that my hp was not hacked.