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East and West mix, boost up with four vaccines;

Antibodies soar, add safe quarantine.

Both infected, co-exist with virus;

Survive the chaos, bias behind us.

Booster doses protect, age with illness;

Pandemic provides insight on sickness.

Yet the world fails to heal the disconnect;

Mutual suspect, fear cause disrespect.

Prodrome symptoms show up faster than test;

Energy drain, aches, cough to beat up chest.

Less than day or two, symptoms retreat fast;

Suffering soon past, the pain does not last.

Impermanence imperil at juncture;

Choices are part and parcel of nature.


My computer breakdown today. In quarantine, I could not get one to repair. I posted this from my hand phone. This is my second day of infection by ART, the test result lag behind the symptoms. I had two negative tests on consequtive days.

We had two sinovac and two Pfizer vaccines. The mix was due to controversies and prejudices against Chinese vaccines, due perhaps to data for the western trained and for convenience of travel. All four vaccines were provided free by the Malaysian government. We had high antibodies. Despite our care, we are still infected. Never mind the conflicting theories circulating around. We are grateful we are still alive and the infections were not as bad as feared. There is no reason to blame anyone or be blamed for the infection.

Due to impermanence and uncertainty, we had to make choices at each crossroads. It is in such transitory change, that lives have choices, good or bad, and I think they eventually balance out at end of lives.