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fallen leaves on ground

no earth for seedlings to grow

carry off by wind

prosper thy neighbour

seeds sprout into giant trees

with flourish garden

(Fallen leaves return to their roots– to revert to one’s origin)

hard to decouple

centuries of linked culture

beyond boundaries


I was amused my PM Lee speech in Chinese. He changed the third character of a common chinese proverb,落叶归根 (fallen leaves return to their roots as nutrients) to 落叶(生)根 (fallen leaves must be rooted to grow ). After their sojourn in another land, many Chinese will return to their home land (China). Of course, these are our ancestors (not my grand father, or father); for generations they stay in their new place as loyal citizens. There are reasons for their failure to get rooted and grow locally. Singaporeans, whether Chinese, Indians or Malays have no such concern , as long as the laws are fair and just. Malaysian Chinese wish to be rooted and settled in Malaysia, but, unlike Singapore, they face racial discrimination. The tribal war drum is sounded again. Dignity is lost not due to greasy hands, but others using chopsticks. The talented and rich ones migrate to Singapore and elsewhere. The problem is more relevant to us than to Red Spot.

The implication is Chinese must decouple their China link, and adopt a more local context and reference. (Uncertain the reasons why the other races were not mentioned at all.) I think such angst is over rated, for Chinese are always very practical minded people. I am English educated, but I enjoy reading Chinese poetry and literature, and even politics in China. There are no conflict in my interest.

I watched Chinese movie, Sword Snow Stride, and the protagonist defended on the idiocy of taking sides, either support one or the other, like the rest. He had the freedom to chose both (or rather his own) perspective , with his own creative reasoning and logic, with morals in mind. Maybe it’s an inclusive rather than exclusive choice, in the Tao of daily living. However, we could not have two sets of rules or double standards, as we observe in the politics of the confused talented. Otherwise the chaos will be endless. Personal or national interest are always hidden behind their bold statements.

Nature has taught us where there is death, there’s rebirth, or renew.