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Polls on Toilet day, monkeys on mandate;

Money for stretched hands, frustrate may migrate.

Dark clouds loom on sky, flood doom the coastline;

Pacts in packs align, alliance define.

Download color code, all arrive by boats;

Dote on corruption, bloat with excess votes.

Earning short pay debts, ringgit value fall;

Prices rise daily, misery for all.

Ukraine war drags on, hard to compromise;

Stay supreme not wise, vain to realize.

Humans and devils, cross others” border;

Pick up piece of truth, and shout tall order.

Never fair and just, the world we reside;

Dare to face compete, hope and pride confide.


Our National Election will be on 19th November, which is UN Toilet Day, not a good day to chose, but there is fear of fresh flood ravaging the nation and disrupt the economy again. Candidates on both government and opposition parties align themselves in political pacts and form economic and racial packs, rather than multiracial in orientation.

The Ukraine war is more than 8 month, with advent of winter, and no end in sight. Tomorrow is Halloween , and humans and devils cross border, blurring the morals. Someone said satan picked up a piece of paper, and that is the devil’s version of truth, and how the others must follow. US must always be No 1, and the rest must just obey, especially Asians. Another war between US and China would be chaotic for the world, including US and allies.We hope leaders could wake up in time, for co-operation would be more relevant.

The narration was based on the forwarded messages I received in my daily life. The pictures are copied-pasted from the web, to assist understanding. My appreciation to their owners.