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We shall produce Nobel Prize winners en masse in the near future.  That is the dream of the dean of Malaysian National University. It was a very good wild dream, but uncertain whether or not he had soiled the bed sheets. In this country they took sperm culture on imagined mattress and orifices.

The Education Minister echoed his enthusiasm, in claiming that our standard of education was at par with the best in the Advanced Western World. Indeed, if it was true, for University of Malaya ranked 151 out of 200 in 2015; it was 167 in 2014. Well it’s an improvement, sufficient to cause dizziness.  His reason was many foreigners had chosen to enroll in our institutions of higher learning. Actually it comprised only about 10% of our varsity enrolment. Many came here because English was the medium of instruction; fees were cheaper and there were twinning opportunities with some famous partners. What was not mentioned was the country was also a place for easy springboard to another land and easy target for crime operators.  The strange thing was our own graduates were generally not efficient in English, and the same applied to many of their lecturers. Anyway what they would learn in this country was the measures and counter measures on corruption practices here, and the ways to go around the market in courthouses, hooded or unhooded. We also boast about our multiculturalism, but sooner even tourists will find out that it is a strange bi modal society, quite dislocated and unconnected in many domains and yet connected in ways that are often racial.

I tuned in the media last night, hoping to get some breakthrough news from Australia. How the hack our prisoner could swim or fly there was anybody’s guess.  Australian tax payers had to pay for this new guest, who read Shakespeare there, to say or not to say, what might be the offer and the motivation.  Anyway these are heresy, but the Aussies are human rights protectors, except to their own aborigines.

In a lighter note, with inflation and increased cost of living, attention has been focused on the jewelries and holidays our VIPs and their spouses are wearing. If they were imitations, there would not be any public cry, in the context that our lady was admonishing the citizens to be frugal in spending.  If we could have someone liked President Si, I think, all our tigers would be gone, except the flies in our toilets.  Well one fly has flown down under, with or without passport.