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To understand Chinese mind, search
five millennium years of historical find.
In the beginning was the character,
and the word was wen.
Art and music dance in
synchronization, symbols and semantics
tango in pair.
To beg a mouthful, word compound
to mean eat. The evolving logogram,
the language, reflects a continuing history
of poverty,
changing dynasties, internal wars,
outside plunder, rape;
the Chinese learn through harsh experience.
To keep citizens civil,
leaders provide grain to meet their needs.
The importance of food,
feast and cuisine culture within the family,
and kins. Again,
the ideogram for destiny, describes
the person’s first priority is
bow to what fate inscribes, or listen to
oral commandments from above. Fatalism
is not Chinese philosophy. When impoverish,
change, rise in mutiny, disobedience; in disorder,
risks beget opportunity, to transform
fate, opening freedom’s gate. Yet
human beings have limitations. Things we may be unable
to change. Destiny is final acceptance when all efforts fail.
Language and culture, nourishes one another,
are inseparable bond.The ancient pictogram,
eyes into Chinese mind.

eat food destiny


To keep citizens civil, produce grains for needs to meet;
Poor for centuries, work as slaves and yet beg to eat.
When backward, ten bullies come to plunder their land;
Free world, hand in hand, ensures their colonies never stand.
Play their games, follow their rules;
Fit as world factory, toil like mules.
Stab by sword into heart, bear pain and tolerate;
Weapon withdraws, no longer plays second rate.
Blame on what fate inscribes;
Do not bow your life as describe.
Change your destiny;
Refuse order, rise in mutiny.
Opportunity and knowledge to transform fate;
When impoverish change to open freedom’s gate.

Eat Food Destiny

Chi Shi Ming

Write the above chinese in traditional script to get the riddle