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Continuous rain, canals fill to brim;

Running fast down stream, no gush over rim.

Chase away by chill, windows shut by breeze;

Wind whistles among trees, sway by the tease.

Chase the cold in youth, now a feat to face;

Space is sky above, live on borrowed grace.

Life measure by gait, reins far and near;

Steer clear on hilly slopes, so the ears can hear.

Defects rise with age, best not to fix all;

Decide gain and loss, perfect makes one fall.

Heal when cures are false, flaws are more real;

Labels do conceal, person will reveal.

Spotted from hideouts, sun shines heat again;

Nature wax and wane, brains fond of complain.


It was raining continuously for the whole day. The waters had filled the canals to the brim , without overflow outside to the walking\running track. The scene was just outside my bedroom window, in my daughter’s house in Singapore. Back in Malaysia, the monsoon drain are as wide, but they are full of rubbish and debris, thereby blocking the free flow of fast running water. Soon the whole area will be flooded, from the streets into the houses. In Singapore, the drains are cleared often, and heavy fines for wrong disposal of rubbish. Education of citizens fail, as observed in my condominium. And we have no prohibitive laws on right disposal.

The first stanza was merely an observation. In bygone days, I would carry an umbrella outside and feel and chase the chill, but now the cold chased me away, plus the fear of falling at this age. The train of thought and feeling reflected my own physical disability, especially my operated total knee replacement, which might lock itself suddenly, plus a moderate hearing loss.

Today, the sun reappeared for a short while, and I took the opportunity to go out for half hour walk. My walking distance and paces shrink with age, yet there is need to build muscle and bone power to keep life going. I have to keep moderating and re- moderate my exercises as days passed.

The pictures are all copied-pasted from the web with appreciation to their owners. They help some readers to understand my poetry.