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mask to cover face

keep at distant social space

converse in cluster

Don't come close to us and wear a freakin' mask in public settings ...

more than two meters

awe to touch another soul

sealed lips to stop spread

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feelings are locked up

distracted by the disease

cut off breath and cash

It's OK to feel anxious.' How a professor in China faced ...

hefty fine and jail

restrict hours in house car porch

covid still supreme

Robin Esrock's Blog


With almost 2 million cases and 126 thousand dead globally, the US blame game against WHO and China is still unabated. With such mindset, the cases and mortality will rise further in US, with 25 thousand cases and 2400 death daily. The disease rages on, irrespective of the media propaganda against others.

In Malaysia, despite the strict MCO, we have reached 5000 cases and 82 dead, and will continue to rise above 6000, and hopefully it will be a halt, if the citizens comply with the orders as advised.  We cannot deny that the restrictions are causing personal and community hardship. In this run of haiku, I am using all the common words encountered to form a poem, sharing the hardship with all. My intention is never to alarm, but to alert readers. If we comply with all the recommendations by WHO, available to all, including Trump, then there’s no problem with wearing masks, social distancing, wash and sanitize, until all hell is over.

All the cartoons are copied and pasted from the web with appreciation.