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Seclude spot on hill, stroll with stick to top;

Short serpentine slope, seek shelter to stop.

Vantage view to rest, embrace by green lush;

In love with the park, breath away with blush.

Shy after sunset, leaves from raintree fold;

At sunrise, crowns and canopies, unfold.

Old heritage stood for years near the lake;

Paddle, jungle hike or walk for health sake.

Leisure invigorates, caught by fast rain;

Rescue came, wade through slippery mud lane.

Shower was short-lived and hassle as brief;

Lives like falling leaves, and most end in grief.

Wander and wonder, roam in comfort zone;

Tone muscles and bones, my confine was known.


Often poetry comes to me in my contemplative walk; they are like air, flow in uninvited.

I enjoy my exercises during these short walk with Nature. The family usually know where to find me, in case help is needed. I prefer to chose sites with seats, shelter and toilets.

of course, I have read on the topic in order to expand my verses. I have been to MacRitchie Reservoir park many times over the years. However, the distance I covered gets shorter each visit due to my knees. I need to sit and rest to continue.

The pictures are all copied-pasted from the web with appreciation to their owners. Lately, the computer demanded a lot to download my own pictures, and the e skill defied me.