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lofty lotuses
arise from mud untarnished
buds unfurl and bloom

thrive in scorching sun
majesty and purity
lures love in living


I was once a medical volunteer for Tzu Charity Charity Foundation for many years, until I gave up my APC (medical certification) in my retirement. The Charity has attracted people from all religion, race and regions. A friend requested me to write a haiku so she could quote it in her concluding talk for a memorial service for a fellow christian doctor who had rendered her services for many years. She read my haiku and wondered whether Christians could accept the symbolism and meaning of Lotuses. I told her to ask the flower its faith and fate. I am uncertain whether she received a reply. To hear nature talk, just sit and observe carefully, see the extra ordinary in the ordinary. You then learn that the worry (the thinking) fades away. Human beings (being means consciousness or awareness) are too divisive into race, religion, regional powers. We talk about compassion, but unaware that the word is rooted in suffering (passion); we share similar suffering or grief in our daily living, even during pandemic.

Haiku has 3 lines only, with 5,7,5 syllables in each. Syllables are how words are pronounced in English, with vowel or consonant sounds.There are 2 haiku there to show movement. Diction (choice of words, vocabulary) is important, with alliteration of consonant “l” , b ,s, h sounds. The metaphors are evocative. There is brevity in haiku; one either gets the message or don’t.

I hope poetry, in whatever format, would not vanished , or extinct like dinosaurs. If intellectuals do not support my effort, at least don’t kill it. I have not won any prize to show it’s worthy of reading.

I shall publish a long haiku here in memory of Helen Vailiant. It is in response to Hellene photo challenge ( a pitch dark picture) with the theme of QUEST, with the phrase, “into the dark”, and exactly 99 words. This haiku is in my third book, if you have interest to buy.


step into the dark
fumble around to find way
out in the open

begin with a quest
interrogative word game
what is life’s meaning

differ across time
with fast changing perspective
hunger for insight

options and choices
risks within imperfect world
adjust and attune

inner rhythm prevail
whining is not rap music
singing without beat

heed dying regrets
forgive wrongs without forget
build strength on setbacks

good begets virtue
flourishing fraternity
merits move hearts more

school degree and skill
must match mundane market needs
fairness fail and fade

content and concede
fortune, fame, longevity
fate bless in good faith