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Survey on the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022

curve soar, not flattened

together but torn apart

drift away by heat

Cold warrior: why Eileen Gu ditched Team USA to ski for China

survive through the cracks

right at opportune moment

smart to be alert


Today is Chinese Universal Birthday for All, a shared dream or rather a shared delusion. Beijing Winter Olympic starts on 4th February, 2022, which is the first of 24 solar terms of Chinese lunar calendar. It brings the first warm breeze. There is nothing to hide that the “snow”is 100% artificial, certainly not the first in the world. Yet the Western Media made issue out of this, with poor intent. The superlative Olympian spirit of higher, faster and stronger in competition is merged with “Together We Stand”. The first three are obvious, but not the last most important principle. I think it is very brave and daring for Eileen Gu, an American Chinese to cross over as China athletes in a very controversial historical period. (The Americans conveniently forget about their own history on migration, when talents flock over there . A reversal has happened.)The young these days think very differently, and racial identity and discrimination are less on their mind than in the seniors, perhaps.

The pandemic figures of infected have peaked higher and higher to an alarming rate. The curve have soared, not flattened, as the experts falsely predicted. The strange thing is , we have more liberalization than in the past in terms of social and political control. Many have lost faith in the experts and their leaders. Yes, many understand herd immunity, and in most people are mild illnesses, but the mortality figures are higher due to the percentage. It’s OK to be better immune, if you still survive the ordeal. The conflict between nations arouse lots of heat, and soon the “snow”will melt and split, and once gain, the rivers are back. The cooperation will shatter and drift away. In such chaos within a pandemic , with so many ills (economic, social, health etc), we each have to learn how best to survive within the cracks. The last 3 lines were inspired by Lian He Zao Pao,(Morning Papers) Singapore, today, on news about a smart Jewish family, living in Shanghai survived through their turbulent years.

All the pictures were copied and pasted from the web with appreciation to their owners.