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The ink stains with an indelible memory;
Clean election for change is washable folly.
The pointing fingers cast their votes;
Only banknotes can capsize the boats.
Flying aliens steal the show;
The tsunami fails to overthrow.
Game is never fair, but troops spare;
Power does blare, desperate dare.
No drumming gong or banging cymbal;
Corruption, not colour, is the battle bugle.





This tree is in full blossom in my garden. In Chinese, it is called the “hundred mile fragrance”, for its fragrance really pervades the air. Hope this fragrance will spread to the whole country. The clown in the picture reminded me that life is often a tragic-comedy. I do not know how many countries in the world, with exception of third world, need to ink their fingers in election. It is supposed to guard some people from going for a second round of voting. It can also be abused – people were alleged to ink and give up their votes, with promise of cash.There are widespread news of irregularies and violence in many places, but the polling station I voted is peaceful. I spent 15 min to cast my vote, due to priority to senior citizens, but my spouse had to wait for another 45 mins. We shall hear more news tomorrow.

Whatever the outcome of the election, the message is clear. People want positive change, end of racialism, fairness and justice in educational and other opportunities, end of cronism and corruption, secuirty and safety.This is the first time Malaysians vote on either support for the government party or for the opposition, beyond gender, race, religion, profession of candidates.

p/s The government spent some millions on this indelible ink that would last for days, but I just washed it off easily with dish washer detergent! No wonder people call for change!


Malaysia has been increasingly racial over the years, but the coming election on May 5th, 2013, has thrown some light on the harm of racial issues in nation building. Candidates are now voted, not based on race, gender and social standing, but more on the loyalty of individual political party, which is simply, the support or resistance of the government or opposition parties. Independent candidates are doomed to fail and will have their deposit confiscated. Yet there are always a few brave ones on either side, if they are not selected by their own party or they prefer to try their personal fortune in national affairs.
For a start the digital and mass media has gone in full advertisement about the fairness and justness of non -racialism in this country. Even the prime minister, in his hind or fore sight wisdom, sent his son to Beijing to learn Chinese Culture, when such privilege has been denied to Chinese citizens. The election fever brings out the fervour. In this pre-election time, I have been frequently reminded, via sms, about the Rm 500 incentives my parents have received from them, and to vote for them. Well, to respond to their grace, I burn some joss paper to my parents, asking whether they have received their money in the right currency. Their line is perhaps down, for their world is as corrupt as ours. The notes are getting bigger and inflation must be bad in the nether world too. If there is no reply by May 5th, it may be a phantom vote, for we grant citizenships to all kinds of aliens. Hopefully they have the indelible ink in their market, otherwise I have to burn some, but how to burn liquid is not for me to know, as politicians are magicians.
The whole town is full of posters. I realise the female candidate in my state is an incognito person and a secretary of a VIP. I have no time to ascertain whether she is standing on her own or as a proxy for her boss. There are lots of u tube, leaflets and blogs to read, meetings with entertainment speeches, plus with free meals, to attend. All they want is your vote, and you are again non entity until the next election. In this election, it is the party, not so much the candidate, you are voting. The choice is thus support or against one or the other. It’s a demo crazy, some crazy thing people imitate from the West. It is nevertheless still a choice. People want change, and it is change that they are voting. Good or bad, it is a risk they need to take. With gerrymandering and all kinds of rules, it is never a fair fight, and despite this, you need to exercise your micro power well. Go for the kill!