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My kindergarten granddaughter was heard telling her siblings, “Malaysians are funny. They keep saying “sorry-aa” to one another many times. Initially, I thought she was very observant for her age, albeit a little cheeky, in the way she vocalised it. This was not until I read about Dr. M (our PM for donkey years) open apology to the nation for his misdeeds to the nation and people. Annuar’s daughter accepted the senior apology on behalf of his father, who had been imprisoned for crimes only “god knows”. I think the young politician has misunderstood Dr. M’s intention.


Apology does not equate with “I am sorry”. Feeling “sorry”, sore or sad, is not in the doctor’s marrow or blood; it’s pride that can do no wrong; whether it is currency or tin trading, sodomy charges or racial coding. Dr. M’s apology (apo: meaning away; logy: meaning speech) was never an admission of wrong doing, fault or guilt. We have not read the conditional “if”: only if we found it wrong – and it’s you, not him that should feel sored about it.  Perhaps he has learned from the Japanese in his “Look East Policies”.  The Japanese bowed very low, umpteen times, but would never feel “sorry” about the massacre, or even admit it ever happened. It must be Chinese hallucination to accuse such polite people for the heinous crime committed.


Politics aside, it’s a good tradition to begin a year with a sincere “sorry” from the heart; as a human being. We can’t jump over that hurdle at all, what more to expect.