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In Chinese Classics we often read: 1. Destiny  2.Luck or opportune timing  3. Feng Shui (geomancy, geopolitical environment)  4. accumulating merits or demerits  5. academic knowledge or profession.

In Yi Jing, there are two parts: 1. quo (hexagram) 2. Great Commentaries or philosophical guide. I prefer to begin with Confucius philosophical guide. I am also a medical man, partly trained in social psychology, psychiatry, philosophy and literary theories of the West.

It is interesting to note that academia is placed last. Perhaps that gives me much serenity and contentment  when I don’t succeed in a worldly sense. The best I could do was gaining merits as a doctors, poet and individual. I live and eat well, with good family life. There was little opportunity to meet people that could influence my social standing, without surrendering personal values. At best, I could move from base 5 & 4 to change my destiny. And if that dream seemed impossible, that would be my life, to be accepted with grace and bless. It is my understanding of effortlessly living , with the Dao.

This is not Echoes 100; in fact a little more. I am not an early bird to socio-political gain; also not an early bird to fly to heaven with my virgins (with erectile dysfunction at 70, I thought the creator has spared me many misdeeds I could have done to many damsels; instead of sex, the energy was channelled to creative writing.); nor an early bird to report to Hades, even though longevity might not be a blessing bur a cursed to our loved ones or to the community.