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no mourners  weep at mass grave

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Mass graves are dug as New York City buries 24 people EVERY DAY on ...

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Trump, Tropes, And Trots | claytoonz

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sacrificing human lives

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Political Cartoons: Congressional inaction on mass shootings


Covid novel 19 is on an exponential and destructive path throughout the world, with almost 1.79 m cases and 110 thousand dead. US top the world in total cases (53 K) and mortality (21K), but fall far behind in crisis management, and shortage of masks, respirators and beds. Unfortunately their top medical brains and experts are not in control. This is the saddest part in American history. All 50 states are infected. By the end of March, the US reported only 70 cases of Covid 19 , but two weeks later, the figures turned alarming. Like it or not, precious time was wasted in useless rhetoric, while the virus keep multiplying and mutating, and infected in diverse ways. The man in charge is in a bull ring. The same tragedy occurs in Europe and UK (almost 80K cases, 9.9k dead).  

Coronavirus crisis reveals our need for common ground

In Malaysia, we have 4683 cases, with 76 dead; a figure high by south East Asian comparison, but has more transparencies than some neighboring nations.  Our Health Minister follows WHO guidelines and even Oxford Guides well. We have tightened our surveillance and imposes heavy fine and punishment who those who infringe the MCO (Movement Control Order).  The problems are our under 18 teenagers (some 7000), who find staying at home render them insane or bored.  In fact, if one stays at home, there is no issues with masks, safe social distance, gloves, sanitizers and wash; provided one learns to keep fit physically, emotionally and mentally. Personally we have benefited from the isolation, in terms of learning more about proper balance in community living, and we pool and share our experience in e –chats and social media. Of course, there are many who just forwarded their mails, without reading or reflecting on its validity. We have learned much from the West, and the learning will now take a reversal role.  In crisis they sacrifice their aging and disabled; we don’t, or rather, the old has the wisdom to stay alive or accept death as it comes.

The cartoons are all copied and pasted from the web, with much appreciation.