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Impact by ear wax, hearing fail and gone;

Social space not on, dawn of life looks wan.

Weak and feeble knees, not far as I please;

Beyond trees and hills, no longer at ease.

Life has to reset, fix mindset no more;

Touch virtual shore, other doors to explore.

Read transcript and text, mind helps to reflect;

Conflict to correct, connect to respect.

Bubbles burst, supplies tumble and crumble;

Pipe dreams fumble, trigger war trouble.

Buy less to have more, loan and deter own;

Less burden to groan, corrupt dried up bone.

Minimal may gain, but, in crisis, vain;

Nature to restrain, and power not sane.


I was almost totally deaf, with both ears impacted with ear wax. I have been to ENT clinic thrice previously within four months. The operated knee suffered from gouty arthritis for few days. It was a week of hearing lost, with mobility loss for many weeks. Despite four vaccinations, I was infected with a mild Covid infection, and required home quarantine. The mask and physical ( and social) distance kept me isolated. The intense itch from the inner ear infection disturbed sleep slightly. Even the application of medicated ear drops hurt: the itch turned into pain in endless rounds. I visited Botanic Garden, Singapore, recently, but dared not walked far, for the hilly slopes (up or down) stressed the knees and ended with bloody effusion that needed to be aspirated. Exercises is good for health, but it has to be moderated and balanced frequently and individually. We have to keep the bones and muscles fit, without causing distress.

The book on Minimalism helps to a certain extent. The love of Nature had to be tailored to age and physical well being. We must not forget to get help from modern technology, and to seek help from others, when our personal resources run low, albeit temporarily. The poems open myself to the world and to my readers, and hope there is more interactions, rather than passive reading; it is self healing in social isolation.

The pictures are all copied and pasted from the web, with appreciation to their owners. There is no commercial values for me at all.