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The dying regrets are full of wisdom;

Love lessons wake up in martyrdom.

The slow meltdown, adrenalin erupts;

Sudden death, time corrupts and disrupts.

In their last hours, dying is wiser than living;

Learn how to die, watch what desires bring.

Death gives life meaning, an art to live well;

Surrender, give and let go to ease holding spell.

Song stays unsung, if waiting ritual unchanged;

Serenade your lyric, delay gets music estranged.


NB A friend inserted Steve Job’s LAST WORDS. I was inspired after reading it.






The back door smarts.

It pours and pours ….

Twisted knots in gyration,

Hapless, remain seated on bowl.

No energy to start an enquiry.

In my silent prayer:

All I care is to end suffering.

Plead for mercy, promises temperance,

Radiate love and kindness to the guts.

The battle continues unabated.

Replenish the water, throw in some carbon.

Lie listless in my soiled bed,

Stare at the bare ceiling,

Peer at the sky, seeking to find answers,

Messages display among the clouds or wind.

In moment of weaknesses, beg for forgiveness.

Gluttony is indeed a sin: repent.

Now and then, then and now ….

It provides some small pleasure in life.

Comforter, don’t take them all away.





Repeat same routine in the office;
same predictability in same premise,
the soul is dead in timeless infinity,
doses of stimuli to escape from ennui.
The self is angry with stale stillness;
lethargic body in dreamless sleepiness.
Savory gossips to serve as good starter;
exercises, coffee, wine and sex, no better.
Odysseus whined at Calypso’s seduction,
promise of paradise, a disguised prison.
Mind hungers for changes and varieties;
demons unhappy, demand different fairies.
Malaise is dissatisfaction in the moment;
time flows, the moment is but a figment.


Allure by the azure bright;
Emit from distant tunnel light.
Mother, in her best, stands there;
Legendary friends meet with flair.
Serene and light, float in mid- air;
Tearing teens weep vigil over body;
The wind caresses their hair in lobby.
The seeping energy forbids long stay;
To another world, the breeze flies away.


The soul traps in groove of gramophone;
Deadened sound moans, no music to groan.
Black as record, life full of scratches;
End of the world, all meaning ceases.
No energy to lift up head;
Toss until daybreak in bed.
No laughter, interest slips away;
Dream of Satan watches its prey.
Better dead than suffer;
No anger, but danger.
The prisoner calls for comfort;
The gate keeper must be alert.


The breeze hummed outside the windows;
Fronds played ghosts with their shadows.
Lightning and thunder pounded their might;
Prayed the angry gods targeted the right site.
How my darlings spent their restive fortnight.
With no scooter ride in home confined to excite.
Puzzled how the bad witch infected her mouth;
Blisters and craters, pain to partake and shout.
Locked herself in room, the baby sister be well;
For a six year-old, her love really rang the bell.
Toddler sends messages from balcony to shutter.
Wishing big sister well and out on scooter together.

NB Recently, my elder granddaughter suffered from Hand, Foot and Mouth disease, was was barred from attending her kindergarten. Her toddler sister was also prevented from attending her pre-kinder schools as preventive health.