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TOP 25 IDIOT QUOTES (of 1000) | A-Z Quotes

jerks flock together

knotted feathers fault no wits

in system crisis

prestige and power

preach morals with more hand outs

endless nitwit game

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switch off the sound track

let nonsense flash out in bowl

norms never mix well

French police clash with anti-virus pass protesters in Paris | PBS NewsHour  Weekend


Found this book, How To Deal With Idiots (And Stop Being One Yourself) by Maxime Rovere, with translation by David Bellos, displayed in a Singapore library. I was reading it, when my primary 3 grandson looked at the title and laughed at it, “What an idiot to read a book on idiots!” The frank comment come from a child, and cannot be offensive at all.Human relate and communication always depends on strength of dual relationship. The book attracted me mainly due to or recent flood and the ways the authorities mismanaged it. And books bearing that titles are widely displayed in shops. I prefer to read in philosophy. Maxime tangled and entanged a fair bit in his presentation, and the reader , with fair English, needs patience to read or decipher the text; perhaps in ways we deal with French cuisine and burgundy. A better comparison will be fist fighting between protestors for vaccinated against non or unvaccinated – all for Human Rights and Democracy. It’s really ticklish by Asian culture, for whatever the choice , there’s responsibility to the community at large. Nevertheless read one of these books around, not to make judgements, but mainly to understand jokers within and outside of us at this trying time of pandemic plus (flood, illnesses, bad economy etc.) We aim to understand the concepts or philosophical principles, not characters or personalities, and learn to apply them when we are trapped in similar circumstances.

I prefer mediocrazy to mediocrity, as medio refers to mediocre, and they are rewarded in crazy elections. Malaysia has shown that the doors of power can be entered through the corridors at the back, or side or even revolving turns. Even mediocres can play smart games. They are often winners in popular election, if we care to open our eyes. Their numbers also multiply faster than the gifted.

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