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The dying regrets are full of wisdom;

Love lessons wake up in martyrdom.

The slow meltdown, adrenalin erupts;

Sudden death, time corrupts and disrupts.

In their last hours, dying is wiser than living;

Learn how to die, watch what desires bring.

Death gives life meaning, an art to live well;

Surrender, give and let go to ease holding spell.

Song stays unsung, if waiting ritual unchanged;

Serenade your lyric, delay gets music estranged.


NB A friend inserted Steve Job’s LAST WORDS. I was inspired after reading it.




They insist to look at my bucket list;
In the hanging coffin was the missing gist.
Live with dignity but die without;
Torment all till the last blackout.
Family first, but no time to spare and care;
Relationship impaired, no love to share.
In living, you are in control;
In dying, suck into the sinkhole.
Unfulfilled dream and desire;
Dissonance is hard to rewire.
While living no urgency for action;
Health, fortune and logic are fiction.
Younger and healthier might be treason;
Procrastination sold your life in auction.
It you still persist to view my black list;
Ascend and enter my coffin for a tryst.