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away from hustle

back to bustle of living

restlessness is bane

wind beat up ripple

sparkled surface roll to bank

serene silence stray

unsightly banners

dirty linens on display

system in shamble


My e boxes are loaded with election related mails and videos daily. Basically, they all shared similar racial content, and alert all to vote for their respective party. There are nothing new, the same old faces and farts that have failed the people and nation in every promise. Frankly I do not read them at all, for there are better things to read or do. I asked a youngster to drive us to nearby country towns. We went to the reservoir and hot spring and town of Kuala Kuku Bahru, and drove along west coast highway to Teluk Anson and Sitiawan; visiting and eating local favourite foods all the way. Heavy downpour on our way home, and it was wet and pitched dark to get back, with angst about flood in low lying areas. In the last flood, the PM talked about drainage and enlarged embankment etc, but it must be silly to take politicians talk seriously.

A senior submerged under water (T 42 C) with air nozzle above surface, for several minutes per episodes. He then took a rest , and repeat the ritual, over an hour. He visited the place twice a week. The umbrella (red) was to protect him against the sun at 32 to 35C. The toilet had no cold water services.