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ripened by carbide

fingers and hands rot to core

bunch of bananas

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We have almost a million infected covid-19 cases out of a population of just below 33 million. That means 1 in 33 people in the country is infected, and about 8000 of them have passed away. The rapid rise of infected cases causes lots of alarm and angst among citizens, despite the prolonged and ineffective lockdown. In a failing and falling nation, there are bad governance in all policies, and also failing citizens who do not abide by SOP. Perhaps they thought they were protected by prayers, or by politics. The leniency does not protect them, but harms them instead. The relative lower rate of mortality give some a false safety assurance, for the morbidity and follow up of infected are not complete. The quality of life and living have impacted those with organ damages.

This morning we had banana pancake; last week we had banana fruit and nuts cake. In a pandemic, it is hard to decide how big a hand of bananas to buy, since one does not wish to expose to added risks in shopping outside.

In Malaysia, bananas are ripened by the use of calcium carbide. Such use cause health hazards, and also change the flavour and texture of the fruit. I wrote this haiku to share and ventilate my sentiments of pervading hopelessness in the country.

Many Malaysians find my haiku/senryu hard to understand. I shall take the liberty to explain. The word cabinet is a pun. We have a bunch of rotten brains in our cabinet. A single banana is called a finger, and we usually buy a hand, but groups of hands are called bunch. Bananas are yellow outside and white or black and rotten inside. Care and hygiene are needed in handling them, for their skins are contaminated or corrupted.

The pictures are randomly copied and pasted from the web, with appreciation to their owners. I have thrown all my rotten fruits away before writing.