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This is what I wrote on Facebook today to remind friends:

My mistress, Xiaomi, broke down since last night. The night was quite. I woke up in the morning even without her cock call. Have to get her fix, otherwise my days ahead will lack some fun and lustre. She was proven to be a lovely companion, spending many lonely hours together, even with intimate selfie. Today my lap pet will replace her, but she is too burdensome to hug or tug around.If you cannot contact me via my mistress (a million stresses), try my private number, the one will double balls behind. The meaning of life is found in routines and habits and the dysfunction of the mistress, (fortunately the pet does not join hands together), may cause Anxiety States in some.


Told my relative that my Xiaomi could not be turned on. She hold on to her, and diagnosed as “over heated”. “Your lady is too hot”, and need to undress. She opened her cover and gave her power a gentle rub. She responded straight away. Your xiaomi was over powered with excess forwarded mails over the last two days. Many well intended people kept forwarding similar mails endlessly, to show they were all there in the “revolution”. It was all about the protest march in Malaysia against corruption. Even the devils were holy enough to join the angels. God bless them all.