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Seek enlightenment, strangers lurk in dark;

No light to spark life, hark and bark in lark.

In throes of distress, hush, help in hassle;

Pairs lock in battle, blind by the dazzle.

Perspective protects, but poles pull apart;

Stance causes conflict, letting go free hearts.

Duality duel breeds disorder;

Good is bad in disguise, fuzzy border.

Move towards goodwill, know beliefs divide;

Pride no longer hide, ignite light inside.

Opposite of opposite pairs do meet;

Pairs sit on other feet, sweet with deceit.

Polar pairs pierce at self, link and bond break;

Aware pairs are delusory and fake.


When one is in and out of hospital within a short time, the mind tend to be contemplative. Either the body or mind decay faster than the other. As one ages, sarcopenia and osteopenia or dementia, or forms of memory loss tend to follow.I exercise, even moderate for my age, there is always risk and side effects, and need to seek new balance. The outside world, with ceaseless wars and sanctions, is increasingly polar and racial. The Free World is no longer as free as one imagined. Even highly educated leaders appear really stupid. With that background, I re read Genesis and Loka Dhamma, with eights pairs of vicissitudes of living, and Taoism and Confucinism, and works by Jiddu Krishnamurthi for some inspiration. Well, all these are merely knowledges, and they will never provide light within. The series of personally events and changes in outside world, has helped me to see duality in different aspect. I understand that the pairs are not alone, but all linked together. Once a pair is understood with awareness , they fall apart, and no longer cause confusion and conflict.

The pictures are copied and pasted from the web with appreciation to their owners.