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when the tides recede

glimpse of sea creatures on shore

wander but not steal

wild happenings in singapore: February 2018

gifts on treasure trai

wonder of ecosystem

maintain balances


A primary Singapore school child (Std. 4, who had previously contributed two haiku in my blog) requested me to write a haiku on intertidal trail and marine conservation. I thought it was a good idea for school children to get away from their hand phone, and discover mother nature in the open. I have been to one when I was there. I am uncertain about the sandy spot where Marcus in “Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel Garcia buried the magical parchment papers. The Singaporeans were blessed, but their destiny depended on the mindset of their future generations. Nothing is certain in a post pandemic world. In contrast, Malaysia was cursed by the Legend of Mahsuri; again uncertain it had any association with the minister bearing that curse from the island. Well, seven generation will be a few hundred years in history, depending on their longevity, adultery or corruption.

I caution the child to understand the sound and diction of haiku. Learn and ponder more on wander and wonder, and the choice of word, “steal”. We are conserving, so if every visitor “steal” (take what is not given) a piece home (& most likely throw away), you disturb nature ecosystem on balances. It is often such innocent and naive act that spoils. I do not like to moralize as a bias bystander, but it is for their teaches or guides to instruct well.

The pictures were all copied and pasted from the web with appreciation. I will delete them if copyright is infringed. There is no financial or other gain reading my poetry.