As I celebrate myself on Father’s Day,

I sing my praise to my own father.

What he has assumed, I assume,

And has passed all the atoms downstream,

As they belong to me, as good as they belong to you.

What were great and grand for father were his sacrifices,

Without giving his business to his brother,

Both families would fight and suffer at the end.

Respect and love for all is earned without effort,

For giving is indeed better and happier gain.

He had the courage to move out of comfort zone,

Knowing its transient nature, he ventured out to discover

Opportunities in another land, with better education,

Better priorities and choices to change destiny.

His first step was an important leap for all,

Without that shift, the world is fixed in spit pit.


NB The first few lines clearly echoes  Walt Whitman’s “Song Of Myself”.

We celebrated Father’s Day in advance when my daughter and three grand children visited us. Instead of driving far to Cameron Highlands or Genting Hill Resort, I thought it would be much safer and comfortable to spend a night at Shangrila Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. We booked two executive connecting rooms, with two extra children’s bed and breakfast included for a net price of Rm510 x 2, and free bus services to shopping centres, and  hotel facilities.




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