wake up to keep fit

healthy to attend my wake

meet in promised land


Many Malaysians fail to understand that learning English through literature can be fun and easier. Of course, you return to pick up the fundamentals of grammar later. (The Chinese have no grammar and tenses, and their minds are as sharp). Many prefer to read novels (non fiction), rather than poetry. Personally I prefer haiku/senryu for its brevity and diction. It may be perplexing for the beginner, but once the essence is understood, it can serve as a thinking and healing tool.

In my last haiku, Apt for Other Half, there are some other disagreement. Many miss out the word, or meaning of “Äpt” (suitable or appropriate). In other words, what is suitable for one, may not be so to another. People have choices, and your choice is your best, though it may not be true all the time.

In this haiku, the word, wake, is both a verb and a noun. Many Malaysians are more familiar with the verb, such as wake up from sleep. Or idioms, such as wake up to the farce in the country. Wake, as a noun, may mean a funeral, or the wake of waves.

Every morning I send a short personal message to my family, relatives and friends, rather than forwarded mails or pictures, which people click , without reflection or reading. I wrote, ” Good morning to all. Straight sleep for 7.5 hours, 75 min. of exercises, watched news . Followed by breakfast, with bread and meat, salad, passion fruit, banana, unsweetened coffee”. The main thing is to encourage them to exercise more often. This morning, a friend responded thus ” good, you are doing the right thing”. I replied, “what is good, if I survive and friends are gone, and there will be no buddy to gossip.” “True, no friends to attend our wake”. “ÖK, you keep fit to attend my wake”. I wrote the haiku straight and posted to him. “The promised land is vast, uncertain, and may be posted to different regions.” “No, you must use Malaysian Pos Laju (fast mail delivery). Boleh kah, or lah.”(Malaysian slang, can?) I will wake up in my wake to whisper to you on arrival. (Well, someone ask me about After Death.)



cyborg or soul mate

sensors miss bond of relate

sour taste in humans


This is my response to Mr. Kan’s haiku/senryu.

He Wrote thus:

Robots for a wife

Super career in future

An inhuman thought



crunchy with good bite

mind salivates with flow

home comfort crumbs


Behind every contented man, there is always a silent devoted wife. The above haiku/senryu is written in praise of my wife’s culinary skills. I wrote in appreciation of her home baked bread this morning. From start to end, she spent three hours to bake, though mostly it’s waiting time for the yeast to work, and the repeated rolling. No sugar was added for heath benefit. Walnuts and raisin pieces were added to augment taste and bites. The poetry just flow with the salivation and thankfulness.

We see beauty and poetry everywhere, even in the most mundane. It is a prolonged lockdown, but the hearts and mind must be free to roam.



no tears are alone

mourning with shared memories

connect by the hurt

wailing and regret

cries over crack crevices

flow to enrich lives

grief glow into grace

pain transform into gain, by

freeing mind fetters


We have been under intermittent lockdown for one and half years. That means we have not seen our daughter and grand children for the same duration, since March 2020. During this sad period, we have seen 1.76 million infected, and almost 17,000 death in a population of 32+ million. This is among the worst in the world, causing horrendous suffering and tragedy. Despite the surge in infected cases and death, the rules for lockdown are relaxed. In a recent survey, more than 60% of people wish to exit the country, if permits are given from both sides. Governance falls and fast becoming a failed state.Racislism is never an effective tool in problem solving.

At this sad junction, I read MEntalnotes1 poetry on Grief, and it inspired me to respond in a haiku (two stanza) in his blog. Unfortunately I fail to get his permission to link the blogs together, with his picture. I like to tell my stories in small miniature poetry, and haiku/senryu are preferred for its brevity and precise messages. I add another stanza, for pessimism and passivity are never my way of thinking. We are what we thought and feel, and we have choices to roam our thoughts and emotion wide, not restricted by habits of thinking and mindsets. Even in a full lockdown, we are cognitive and social beings. We express differently due to enculturaluzation and belief system.

The pictures are copied and pasted from the web with appreciation to their owners.



in troubled waters

swim and lose sight of safety

float and drift with waves

File:Ocean waves.jpg - Wikipedia

break fear into parts

awe of uncertainty less

play smart with small threats

How to Deal with Fear and Anxiety | Taking Charge of Your Health & Wellbeing

seize change in changing

swim and surf in new current

shore not far ahead

2030: How Today's Biggest Trends Will Collide and by Mauro F Guillen


This haiku/senryu is inspired by Mauro Guillen’,s concluding chapter. I read the whole book of course. It is also inspired by the Dhamma,s three signs of being (impermanence, fear, non self), or ikigai. Most people understood impermanence or uncertainty, but hardly ever reflect or contemplate on it. Fear or its conditioning is well elaborated by Jiddu Krishnamurti. Anatta has to be experienced in the dynamics of living, especially for meditating yogis. At best, I have a glimpse of intellectual understanding in my frequent poetry writing. Frankly I am not a devoted Buddhist. I break all the five basic rules for the lay, except on adultery. I read the Bibble , and bits and pieces of the Koran (sufism). Basically my interest is invested in the Ps (poetry, philosophy, psychology, psychiatry, politics).

The pictures are all copied and pasted from the web, with appreciation to their owners. A special thanks to Mauro Guillen for the excellent book. Malaysians hardly read a book per year; and that book would not be poetry at all. I read about 40-50 books per year, more when I visited Singapore, thanks for its excellent libraries. It was a habit from my student days. During the pandemic. the reading is much less, but still about a dozen or more.



Within the narrow, low and short confine;

I walk and stretch my mile in time assign.

Keep safe and sane in unsafe and insane;

Sacred, not secret, mundane is profane.

Malaysia's Covid-19 cases surge to new high of 871 | The Edge Markets

Double masks with spray, I stray out with fear;

No cheers seen in street, peers scare to come near.

Awe pervades in air, dare to bare and share;

Leaders’ foul deals in lair yet,with flair, swear.

Malaysia Aims to Speed Up COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign – The Diplomat

Pandemic flare, figures soar, systems fail;

Health on sale, corruption tales, people wail.

Power trade and retail on bigger scale;

Selfish interests prevail, morals turn pale.

No Covid-19 outbreak in Malaysian Parliament, says health chief; 17,170 new  cases reported, SE Asia News & Top Stories - The Straits Times

The pandemic paralyses country;

Wayang kulit skills play by the gentry.

monolog story teller alias Dalang wayang kulit,the javanes… | Flickr


Wayang Kulit is a popular Malaysian Shadows and Skins show. It is play and re play many times, on the same feudal theme.

To date, our infected cases have rised above 1.25 million, with more than 11,000 dead, in a country of less than 33 million. Despite the intermittent lockdown over many months, the figures keep rising and shows no decline at all. The circulating social messages provide many misinformation, or information not properly understood by the lay. For instance, many talked about the virus being air borne, but ignore the fact that we breathe all the time. Or they fear the delta variants so much, that any stranger may carry that curse or strain.

The sonnet is a narration of events in the past few weeks. The politicians in parliament keep changing sides on best offer. We called them leaping frogs. We have more ministers than any country in the world, including the US and China.Many politicians beat their racial drums to short gain power. In Malaysia, racialism is more prevalent in the political and religious realm, hardly at the social or market levels. I received lots of help from all social groups, across all divide

During the lockdown, not only the body decays with time; my old car aged as fast, flat battery, brake lights and shoes, and computer battery flat too. Despite all these, my spirit is still high.

All the pictures are copied and pasted from the web with appreciation to their owners.



stay safe is cliche

magnitude of pandemic

hike by variants

vitiate vaccinations

programmes and procedures


Yesterday was a sad day. My niece husband passed away with covid19 , with pulmonary complication. He was admitted to ward, but not into ICU, perhaps due to bed shortages. We were uncertain whether any treatment or intubation were done. The public hospital was overwhelmed with infected patients. I heard the same in private hospitals. The deposit and bills for the private sector were too prohibitive (Rm 100 to 200 K) for a petty fish monger. In his early 50s , and the only bread winner in the family, he left behind two primary school children and his housewife. Their children cried in anger and sadness, and locked themselves in their rooms. The whole family was infected by the father, but, fortunately, they recovered well at home, despite the fever and symptoms. Our political leaders still think the Chinese are rich (may be the top 10 %), and their followers believe the unholy words of Dr. M and his irks.

Last night my wife pleaded with me to give up my morning exercises. She feared the unseen viruses in the lifts, and corridors, and all the air-borne devils. Every place is defiled and all people are suspect. We confused the differences between affected diseased people and the people themselves. And many come with jokes in their video and ap-media circulating around. The social aspect of being humans are gravely affected in this pandemic. The nincompoops wiped off the social, educational and financial aspects of society, for political and personal gains. This applies to all strata of society and race, but , of course, the bottom ones suffer the most. And many still think the nation will be better with one single race and religion. There are infighting now.

This morning I walked out of my unit at 6.20 am, double masked all the way down, even without encountering any person along the corridors, in the lift, and pool area. The fingers to press the lifts are also protected and sanitized all the time. I took my masks off at the pool area, cautiously and with alert, and choose spots far away from units. I had an hour plus of walking, stretching and breathing exercises, and returned , with the same caution and alertness, without meeting anyone at all. Now I am lock-in to write my tanka, with the notes. I re define my freedom in the lockdown.

The above picture taken early this morning are for u to perceive and conceive.



This haiku/senryu is in response to Dr. Ng Kian Seng”s haiku, in poet to poet interaction:

rough or soft murmur

mere words weave by perceiver

to stir the dead alive


The word awesome means “feeling of great admiration or respect”, but it originates from awe, meaning fear. It implies that the respect or admiration springs from fear. Similarly with words such as afterlife, reincarnation or rebirth, we understand them in mundane ways and argue endlessly. I meant it to be lives after a pandemic world, where the old values are all dead.The social nature of being human have changed, and deranged in some ways. Almost everyone, except us, is a suspect covid-19 carrier of some strange variant, with or without symptoms. Outdoor activities, especially for young children are curtailed. If we persisted in prolonged lockdown, many of us will be lock-in by mental hospitals. Even the sun appeared trapped by the person living in. The visual haiku are food for thought, before we are transformed into zombies. Belief systems are faith n fate based; we hold for psychological security. The difference is learning when and how to hold and let go. We learn that in our daily experiences.

My apology to those who find the word, afterlife, offensive. It is never my intention to hurt. My interest is in English language, not in religion.

The parliament opens, not to discuss about measures to control covid pandemic, but in endless debates and shouting:

numbers numb and soar

tongue twisting and uproar show

parliament rehearse

(Rehearse: re meaning repeatedly; in the hease )



cool breeze blow and bless

still water shimmer in waves

roll with soft murmur


During the pandemic, many video and mails circulate around, for people are too free and loaded with unlimited GB in their WiFi. Unfortunately most of the people do not read properly, less about thinking through. Many wanted comments about this or that, and, if I were to respond, I would not have time to do my own things. One favourite question was comparing Pfizer with Sinovac vaccines. Basically they are either m RNA or inactivated vaccines. Both are equally effective, and the differences are political. Best to get vaccinated in whatever comes along; it’s too risky to choose. Then there are gossips about herd or personal immunity. Best not to read too many such things even if from a Nobel prize winner. I adhere to the basic, knowing, in life there are no quarantee, no matter how close you are with your God. When you are dead, you are no better than a dog, with his carcass. Of course, nothing to loose to keep your faith, with single or multiple passports.

Last night I slept for 6.5 hours, unaware of the rain in the night. I do my morning walk, with breathing and stretching exercises. I contemplate rather than meditate. Eat well in a balanced diet, not necessarily in every meal, and stop counting calories. It is meaningless to carry modern gadgets to tell you how many steps you have done etc. If I could do 10-20 deep breathing now and then, I don’t have to worry about my oxygen saturation. If I could walk, at my own pace and comfort, for half an hour or more, my respiratory and cardiac function must be well. At 75 years old, it must be a joke to worry about covid -19 too much, or the money runs dry, with the inflation. I take many anti oxidants. I am uncertain whether they boost up my immunity in the pandemic,but nothing to lose apart fro money. My Living Will is Not to Resuscitate if admitted to ICU, especially for one with triple high. The joke about religious people is they yearn to be with their God, yet they fear death so much. Where there is birth, there is death; many talk about it, but it’s never part of them even in daily life. The three signs of existence are there to teach us. There is no us without the Ego, but if one holds it like religion, it turns into a burden. Just look at nature to learn. Even the narration above are all conditioning …



Fruit Storage Baskets - Ideas on Foter

ripened by carbide

fingers and hands rot to core

bunch of bananas

pair - Royalty Free Stock Photos and Images - Stocklib


We have almost a million infected covid-19 cases out of a population of just below 33 million. That means 1 in 33 people in the country is infected, and about 8000 of them have passed away. The rapid rise of infected cases causes lots of alarm and angst among citizens, despite the prolonged and ineffective lockdown. In a failing and falling nation, there are bad governance in all policies, and also failing citizens who do not abide by SOP. Perhaps they thought they were protected by prayers, or by politics. The leniency does not protect them, but harms them instead. The relative lower rate of mortality give some a false safety assurance, for the morbidity and follow up of infected are not complete. The quality of life and living have impacted those with organ damages.

This morning we had banana pancake; last week we had banana fruit and nuts cake. In a pandemic, it is hard to decide how big a hand of bananas to buy, since one does not wish to expose to added risks in shopping outside.

In Malaysia, bananas are ripened by the use of calcium carbide. Such use cause health hazards, and also change the flavour and texture of the fruit. I wrote this haiku to share and ventilate my sentiments of pervading hopelessness in the country.

Many Malaysians find my haiku/senryu hard to understand. I shall take the liberty to explain. The word cabinet is a pun. We have a bunch of rotten brains in our cabinet. A single banana is called a finger, and we usually buy a hand, but groups of hands are called bunch. Bananas are yellow outside and white or black and rotten inside. Care and hygiene are needed in handling them, for their skins are contaminated or corrupted.

The pictures are randomly copied and pasted from the web, with appreciation to their owners. I have thrown all my rotten fruits away before writing.