flair for fantasies

flock of fiery flamingoes

evoke emotion

Flock of flamingos flying | Beautiful birds, Pretty birds, Pet birds

pinkish plumages

totemic and fraternal

share sacred symbols

15 Fascinating Flamingo Facts | Mental Floss

awesome altarpiece

contentment and concordance

pray for protection

one legged wading stance

well balance with social grace

vivid vibrancy

Why Do Flamingos Stand on 1 Leg? Science Has the Answer | Time
How flamingos balance on one leg


About a fortnight ago, the TV showed news of flight of flock of flamingoes from the west to the coastal shores of Asian wetlands. The reasons are mainly due to climatic change, affecting sea level and food shortages. Flamingoes in Spanish and Latin means fire, due to their pinkish plumages; the pinker they are, the healthier (except the non-pink wading species) due to beta carotene in their food (pink algae, shrimp and crustaceans. They live in friendly fraternal colonies, monogamous, stand tall at 3-5 feet, often one legged alternatively, to conserve heat. Humans eat their eggs, meat and even tongue.

Flamingoes are universally regarded as spiritual animals. They offer meaning to those who believe in that.

Recently, I was furnishing my condominium unit with wall papers. The sales people showed the picture to me. I installed it on my altar cum study room. It has become the most vibrant wall in the house.

I copied and pasted the pictures from the web with appreciation to their owners. The altarpiece is mine.



open sugar book

lust slips out of history

spill out cash and sex

Image result for sugar book

power relate stains

sugar coated old service

branded with prestige

Image result for sugar babies and daddies

carve out new value

media moralize wealth

indulgence of rich

Image result for media moralize money cartoon

buyer-seller deal

dyad transactions seem fair

toxic spill over

Image result for sugar book


Covid-19 positivity reached its climax at 5K recently. Business was badly affected, and hard to find jobs. Parents have difficulty to pay high varsity fees in private. SugarBook came out openly with a video commercial advertisement about Sugar daddies offering to pay university fees, overseas trips, fine dine, housing and monthly expenses (Sugars) to aspiring beauties or babies, in exchange for companionship and sexual services. The boss is now arrested and under investigation.

Debauchery is not new, it’s there since the beginning of human society, in almost all culture. Then the law came to ban it, and, the law can legalize it partially, confined to geographical areas or licenses. Modern history stated it started since 1908 from a candy boss, who married one 24 years his junior. It was called candy sucker then.  HK is listed as No 1 in such trade, Malaysia fair third, with 42 thousand pairs but SugarBook boasted a registration of 180 thousand (a gimmick figure?) There are different categories of sugar babies and sugar daddies, according to their subscription and profiling. Sugar mummies are less often heard.

With MCO and prolonged Stay Home laws, people are too free and need to spend time on social media. Sex is always appetizing. We stay home to stay away from the virus, but must also stay home to keep physically healthy and mentally sane. There are many forwarded news of sugar babies and daddies, and the controversies. It is not my duty to moralize it, or even to judge right or wrong. I am only trying to make sense out of the news I read. Even family hierarchy is a kind of power play, but for family order.

The pictures and cartoons are all copied and pasted, with full appreciation to their owners.



six salvoes of eight

straight shots of prosperity

harmony and peace

Image result for prosperity, harmony and peace in Chinese

bull in fortune wheel

charges forward or bullshit

awful illusion

Image result for singapore celebrate year of bull

boast just one yardstick

petty horde or herd instinct

seductive viewpoint

Image result for herd or hoard instinct

breathe and weave group myth

even the constant may change

beyond space and time

Image result for can impermanence be impermanent


2021 is the Golden Year of the Bull (or Ox) for Chinese all over the world, irrespective of their nationality, dialect or religion. It is a shared culture for centuries. Due to Movement control, my daughter and her family are unable to visit us for more than a year. On the eve, my son in law sent us a big ang pow (red packet, monetary gift), credited direct into our bank account; wonders of IT. In appreciation of their good will, I wrote the first three lines of the haiku/senryu. It is not difficult to guess the figures; only for the individual to place the decimal points (if any), separating the whole from the fraction. Six and Eight are homophonic with words meaning harmony, peace and prosperity respectively.

Image result for lucky draw in ox year

The Rat started Covid-19 at the end of 2020. It is the First in Zodiac, wealthy, mean and sneaky, and blame others for transmitting disease.  When the morals are down, the wheel of Fortune spin and change. Some bulls charge forward as a progression, others bull shits all the way. This is seen in individual and in nations. However, most of us are unaware that IT creates massive knowledge illusion. There are lots of fake in the real; the real in the fake. We always think there’s only one yardstick for all, whether it is on human rights, freedom, democracy or system of government. We have our viewpoints, our meaning of lives, and we write our own script. They are all fiction. Every conditional thing is subjected to change, and it’s painful to hold on due to arrogance or ego. I am uncertain whether impermanence, a constant, ever change, even beyond time and space. We change our environment and nature, and they, in turn, will change us, in a post pandemic era.

Image result for lucky draw in ox year

In the past fortnight, I have received many forwarded news, video, personal interactions and books. With exception of family members and personal friends, I usually refrain from interaction with social media, unless they visit my blog.  I was invited and asked to comment on “Life is fragile and death is certain, but only when”. I replied, it arises only for those who are worried.  I was told it was “nonsense”, then followed by vehement attack personally. It is OK to disagree; it is only a view. Similarly, what I have written in my haiku/senryu, are personal views too.

The pictures are all copied and pasted from the web, with appreciation to their owners.



full bloom elegance

ugly with slow withering

vanity wilted

holding on to blemishes

fall fast to enrich nature

What Is The National flower of Malaysia? | WhatsAnswer


I was watering my plant in our small garden pots. Few days ago, the flowers were in full bloom with elegance and beauty. Now the petals start to wither, very slowly and ugly, instead of dropping and falling fast.

Now we are old and unfit. News of covid-19 infected figures and mortality rate alarm many, especially the seniors. Once admitted to ICU, it is almost as good as dead. The dying process is more awful than death itself.  Of course, there are also many flowering plants that bloom and fade in grandeur. Nature is always there to show us the diversity of lives.

The first picture, Hibiscus in full bloom once, is Malaysian national flower. The last two pictures are from my front porch garden.



future passing by

nations who hold back their change

in nostalgic dreams

bridge over chasm

online and off, east and west

texting, not watching

nations clash and crash

to stay supreme forever

fantasies live on

fight for survival

we weave different stories

out of social yarn



The toll of dead and disease infected mounted and overwhelmed our hospitals throughout most parts of the world. The future of work, education, trade, lifestyles and all domains have changed significantly, yet people and nations fight over side issues. There are wise fools who argue about wearing masks, keep physical distancing as infringement of personal freedom and against human rights. Many of these people or their relatives are waiting for their burial plot. Unfortunately, survival first in the human jungle are not first in their minds, or rather, they bark and smell on the wrong pile of shit.

In Malaysia, we are not smarter, but we are cursed with a smart aleck, who reckons he is the only one who befit to be the PM. He resigns and wants to be sole minister in his long cabinet list. Through backstabbing and back hand politics, the elected government was brought down, and we soon have fools, some seventy of them, in the cupboard. We had a fatal election. The heat of politics, the crowd, mostly unmasked, soon help the viruses to spread across the country. From a low of single or double digits, the infectivity rate rises to four or even five digits. Yes, we console ourselves that positivity do not imply infectivity; so negativity does not mean they are not infected. Then lots of untold stories about vaccines and their deals. We are uncertain about the truth of many forwarded news. There is simply too many fake news; or the real in the fake and vice versa.

During the lockdown, fancy the many attempts in on-line purchases, on-line this and that, press 1, 2 or 0, and we can even speak to a human voice, but fool by auto machines, and their passwords. Even my identities are said to be wrong, and I am often push further into dementia. Many young people are texting all the time, even on their motor bikes. We have lost the power of touch and watching. I found my safe haven in poetry and prose.

There are books on Clash of Civilization. We found them in the streets of the west; not only clash, but crush too. Each desire to stay “Supreme” (the Trump bugs), and they are in their fantasies and nightmares, ever after. Even in the chaos and chasm, we write our own stories, and weave our yarn, but the fabrics are more or less the same. In a revolving globe, hard to know which is west or east.

All the pictures are copied and pasted from the web, with appreciation to their owners.



Now can desert us

Memories are evergreen

Jewels set in time

Sheen lost its shine without light
Polish mind captures moment


The above haiku and picture are posted by Sue Vincent on the 28th January, 2021, with the title, Jewels. I added the last two lines to form a rengga. Her response was “a beautiful consummation”. Sue has inspired me with a lot of her nature photos and poetry. Please read her blog for a full appreciation.



entangled feeling

suppress and lingering on

for so long in heart

Wang Qi-The Shepherd of Keketuohai [Super Quality MP3] - Programmer Sought

the rain in the night

fail to keep and make you stay

the wind in ravine

10 Best Things to do in Fuyun, Aletai - Fuyun travel guides 2021–

shed sad tears with me

not drunk with own brew, despite

you were here before

Keketuohai National Park: "Earth is the Cradle..."


by the timbre of your voice

pass out drunkenness

Keketuohai National Park: "Earth is the Cradle..."

I will follow you

track snowy hills and desert

yet, wordless, you left

Keketuohai National Park: "Earth is the Cradle..."

and sever all ties

will wait for you forever

at Co Co cold lake

可可託海的牧羊人||王琪|亞男|洋仔三個版本,如泣如訴,痛徹心扉,誰能喚起你心底最深的記憶"The Shepherd of

news you are married

at Yili, where sun rises

first, with apricots

Explore Keketuohai in Winter, Northern Xinjiang Tour

to brew sweet fine wine

outside the yurt, heard endless

sound of camels’ bell

Colorful Beach travel guidebook –must visit attractions in Burqin –  Colorful Beach nearby recommendation –

I know it’s not you

only I can tell, the sound

and heart-felt music

Yili (Ili) Travel Guide | Top 5 Places to Visit in Yining, Xinjiang 伊犁


I have listened to many versions of singing the same lyric, keketuoha, in different baritone and musical instruments, by local Chinese and Westerners. Each singer understands and interprets the lyrics, and in different vocal range, infuses the lyric with his/her personal emotion and sentiments, but they are not party to the emotional entanglement of the couple. This is enriching and amusing; it opens up exciting vista of human feeling in dyad relate.

I have translated this song in sonnet24. Now I re-translate them in a long run of haiku, unfolding the emotional content in diverse ways, and, if there is opportunity to recite, I will “sing” in my own ways too. The first three lines serve as an introduction.

The pictures are all copied and pasted from the web, with appreciation to their owners.



Read Amanda Gorman's Poem 'The Hill We Climb' | Transcript

justice is frozen

thaw with the advent of heat

quiet power melt

Lesson of the Day: Amanda Gorman and 'The Hill We Climb' - The New York  Times

grieve the wide divide

venom spit over jungle

harm sown in ashes

Victoria Chang's tweet - "“Poetry is a weapon. It is an instrument of  social change...” -Amanda Gorman " - Trendsmap

cinders glow with hope

to redeem catastrophe

dare to climb the hill

Amanda Gorman Is on a Mission - Rolling Stone

bruise but bold to hold

the light beyond yonder hills

dawn to reconcile

Amanda Gorman Poet And Activist Upcoming Books


It is with great admiration to read Amanda Gorman’s poem: The Hill We Climb. It is indeed excellent for the new president Biden to salute his inauguration with poetry by a 22-year-old lady. I wrote this haiku/senryu in response to her poems. In fact, this was the first time I heard of her name and read her poetry. I am learning at this age from a youngster.

Malaysians of all races and culture, please do not think poetry is dead! Please support.

The pictures are all copied and pasted from the web with appreciation to their owners.



Image result for keketuohai scenic area

The rain in the night fails to make you stay;

The wind in ravine shed tears in my way.

Confide to me, you have been here before;

Wine I brew lost own valor and vigor.

Xinjiang's Kanas Lake | Traveler's Guide (with side trip to Keketuohai!)

Yet the song you sang intoxicate me;

Will track you across desert and snow ski.

Left without a word and sever all ties;

Dear, I shall wait for you near Cold Lake’s skies.

Keketuohai National Park, Altay, Xinjiang

Married in Yili, where sun first rises;

Or the Apricots there give sweet guises.

Outside the yurt, heard sound of camel’s bell;

I know it’s not you, only I can tell.

Keketuohai Scenic Area Fuyun Altay Xinjiang Stock Photo (Edit Now) 738320581

No one can ever sing such moving song;

Only lass stays in my heart for so long.

The Shepherd Of Keketuohai - Wang Qi - YouTube


This popular Chinese song, titled Sheperd at Keketuohai (Cold Lake), Xinjiang, China, was composed by Wang Qi. I first heard the song sung by a cute little girl, with an excellent voice. I thought it was inappropriate for kinder girls to sing love songs in stage song contest, but the precocious child drew a lot of admiration among judges and audience. A friend then translated the lyric from Chinese into English, but it was not a complete translation. I search for the original lyric in Chinese, and thought it was a lovely song, almost like poetry. Some has asked me the differences between songs and poetry. I think the same could be asked about Street Art, vandalism and good creative painting.  I think it’s more about how good they are. Some commented that my poetry was “faked and false”; much more than dislike, or rather could not make sense out of it. Well, our English standard has fallen; better in Singapore, but from Queen’s English to Singlish, in their search for strange identity. Most of them read my poetry for free, and they do not have to buy my books. It is encouraging they have the interest to read. Out of fun, I have translated the song into a sonnet (14 lines of 10 syllables each, with end rhyme). I wish to return the question to my readers, is my translation poetry at all? If it is accepted as poetry, then I have crossed the divide.

The sceneries at Keketuhai (or Co Co Tuo, hai means sea, but many lakes are reckoned as sea by locals), are so inspiring and lovely. The lyric writer and singer was intoxicated by it. It is the silent poetry of nature, without words or sound. In that context, I am faked. One future day, many people will declutter my books, in the same manner I declutter theirs. That’s the kamma I paid for publication of books.

The pictures are all copied and pasted from the web, with full appreciation to their owners.



Together apart

Hearts yearn towards each other

Love will find a way

The roots entangle below

Hold tight, unburden to live


Sue Vincent posted this inspiring picture and haiku (first three lines) on 19th January, 2021 .I added the last two lines (7/7/syllables) as a rengga, with her permission.  I have learned much and indebted from her nature inspired photo and poetry. In a pandemic world, east and west suffer the same misery. Her title was “Yearning”; I added (To Love & Live) to encourage my readers to draw lessons from our everyday observation and contemplate on what, how, where Sue, etc to unburden or declutter, and what to keep. The trees learn to shed their leaves with changes in the environment, and hold their bodies with their partners tight for survival, without harming or blaming another.

Please visit her blog. The picture and haiku belong to her, re post here with appreciation. I find poet-poet interaction very beneficial.