smart talk in talkshow

nose in air, vain to walk talk

tiptoe on high slope

narcissistic self

infantile, govern by war

gone in tantrum fit


This “smart” (intelligent or pain in the bottom) comedian was recently arrested in China for making jokes on PLA (compared them to obedient dogs) and President Xi. He was heavily fined and imprisoned, His ancestors migrated from Korea to Jilin, North East China. Had two graduated degrees in China, before he obtained his Ph. D in biochemistry at Rice University, USA. He gave up Chinese citizenship for American. With that kind of academic background, he should be well aware that every nation or culture had their sensitivities and PLA and Chinese leadership are sacrosanct. Jokes about US Presidents are allowed due to “freedom of speech”, where there is no respect for anyone, including human rights.

Comedians, wherever they are, must abide by local laws and cultural or national sensitivities. Of course, there is freedom, within the law. The news in forwarded mail was posted to me, and I took it as an opportunity for my poetry.

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copied scenery

delusional blurred borders

drop dead in still pond


I was watching a movie in u tube. A message prop up that the Trojan Horse Virus had attacked my computer and I was required to scan. Suddenly I was hijacked by the predator and was under ransom. In a modern technological world, the young and the skilled bullied senior who had no idea of ransomware. However, there was also youngsters who were willing to help. After the repair work, I came across my haiku in September 2015. I went to Melbourne to attend a poetry recital and wrote a haiku after that. I revised it today,


Birds sing not to me, chirp and cheer all face;

Trees glitter their shine, vibrancy with grace.

Sun beats up the heat, sweat wet and wipe lanes;

Glare hurts and strain eyes, paces sprain in pain.

Shadows tail and hide, all sizes and shape;

Trap in eerie landscape, hard to escape.

Flare and inflame knee, stiffness wax and wane;

Reactions reign, chain to post vaccine train.

In the doom and gloom, flashes of light zoom;

Won Happy Index, war by west would boom.

Rain your bombs with hate, fate belongs to State;

Rest would be dead, America still great.

(Klang folk ha-ha-happy to live in one of country’s happiest towns (Poll Inside))

Learn from pain and gain, prosper by merit;

Cherish others’ drive, deprive own spirit.


Despite the osteoarthritic pain and post vaccination allergic reaction, we often go for our early morning walk. The sun was very hot and dry, and was not easy for us to walk. Resting and non active at home do not help the muscles and bones to be strengthen; over exercises may get into stiffen knees. The itch from months of eczema, not only deprive sleep, but hard to bear. Nevertheless lives have to go on.

Our town was dirty and run down, and yet voted to have High Happiness Index in 2022.The same nonsense happened in the West. US need to start Wars everywhere to improve the world economy.

Some of the pictures were copied-pasted from the web, with appreciation to their owners.


bitter and spicy

grievances concoction

hail bloody Mary


Some of my readers think my poetry is mere self healing. They are either teetotaller, or drunk farts, who are either sober or too intoxicated to feel the grievances and joy of living. They don’t sip and whined; they just pour into their gut, then pee or fart. Certainly there are cocktails without alcohol. I prefer to sin a little. Bloody Mary has vodka (reference to Russians) in it. Two Ukrainian drones made assassination attempt on Putin in his Palace, but he was away, otherwise, it would be bloody.

The picture is randomly copied and pasted from the web, with appreciation to the owner.


serene stillness scene

calm connection, soul shed off

feeling and content


This is a picture of Lower Peirce Reservoir, Singapore. The serenity and stillness of the scene could be shared by a mere touch of my finger, and social connection was almost immediate with our technology. Could the aloneness and solitude be conveyed similarly? The root words are the same, meaning alone, the only sole, with its attitude. Sole is homophonic with soul, meaning spirituality. It is opened to all readers, since we are conscious social being.


With the flow of money, desire rises;

Needs and wants have sizes, same with vices.

Never rich enough, with Jones to compare;

Despite despair, know warfare is fanfare.

At every juncture, chose own comfort zone;

Gain and risk in choice, nothing safe is known.

Feels vulnerable, guilt and shame emerge;

From the submerge, arrogance and fear surge.

Thucydides tales is a thinking trap;

Rap on might and right, fill with cracks and gap.

Self destruct decline, pay for moral debt;

If mind is not set, repent without fret.

In journey through time, rogue nations destroy;

Coy with power weapons, scorch and deploy.


Today marks the 11th year anniversary of my blog. Thank you to all readers who have follow me for years.

Our income has risen over the years; the prices and cost of living have also increased. We all work hard to earn our money, but it is never enough, always insufficient to meet our needs and wants .In a way we feel poor, despite more possession. We buy more and consume more, but we create more waste and rubbish too. Our desires propel the society forward, create incentive for invention and creativity; it is indeed a great motivator for progress, and , sadly also retrogress in greed and other negative emotion, thinking and moral values. In short they are all double edged sword. The comparison and competition motivates social progress, but create abundant psycho-social stresses. WE are at war in all domain, it is also short-lived fanfare.

At every juncture, we chose, but it is never a all or none consequence; they are grades of right or wrong, with risk involved, and depends on how we detour and seek balance in each. We seek safety in our comfort zone, but in a world of uncertainty and change, it may be an illusion. We wish to have perfection, but nothing is perfect in a changing world. We learn to live with it. It is alright to feel vulnerable. We develop our resilience in all, and learn to bounce back to life again.

The above are my understanding of Uncertainty and Change in a changing chaotic world. It is based on my understanding of books and forwards mails posted to me. The responsibility is of course mine. Though with good intent, but to be free from blame in modern living is never an easy task. That is the Vulnerability and Vanity among writers (poets included), living in an imperfect world.

I elaborate them because some readers have problems in understanding. However, I welcome more interactions and comments.

The pictures are copied pasted from the web with appreciation to their owners.


time heal but may kill

it is free illusory

grieve in the divide

feel the flight of time

pace and lag are age relate

live in memory

remember to hold

on earth spin, rotate and slip

fall from bed dreaming

time travel, burden

by looting and destruction

of human follies


Almost every morning I exchange morning greeting with friends who are interested, in our ap chat. I read most of the messages sent to me, and respond to them, whether the sender reads his or her own message or not is not my concern. This morning I received one above. They are “Wisdom Quote”.

This is a strange world. One read about “Seize the Moment”, “The moment is Now” .And years later, it is the same repeat. People also shout out aloud about “Climate Change”, but our climate and weather and environment are getting no better. Rich nations are dumping their waste into ocean or on other lands. A lot of animals, insects etc become extinct due to activities of homo sapiens over thousand of years. Now US and the West is brewing up a war (even a nuclear threat) against other nations due to arrogance and fear. People want certainty in an uncertain world; perfection in an imperfect world. We are leaving a devastated world for our future generations.

We come and go due to our own conditioning. It is a Time Travel, but do not let the traveller be a nuisance to rest; each has his own responsibility and commitment.

The pictures are copied-pasted from the web with appreciation to their owners.


隨心所欲, 平安順遂 Si Xin Suo Yu, Ping An Shun Sui (translation: Follow one’ desire, peace and prosperity flows smoothly)

If desire matches the heart, peace ensue;

Greed fall into ravine, debt to pursue.

Let the heart flows with the stream, sail is smooth;

Tired of one’s life journey, calm breathing soothes.

欲: 谷    欠
    Gu    Qiàn

Own and owe are pairs,  tango in the dance;
Music hold the trance, quit when there is chance.
Stand still to be boxed , shut up when accuse;
Step up your abuses, bombs will defuse.

欠      人    刀
Qiàn    ren   dao

Lost your grand glitter, with grudges to grind;
Kill all from behind, stay supreme in mind.
Print and play dollars, riches rush to shore;
Manipulate all, greed soar to start war.

遇 yu (meet, encounter)

Provoke fight to regress others progress;
Trigger world war to stop others success.


A friend forwarded me a morning message greeting in Chinese.隨心所欲, 平安順遂 Si Xin Suo Yu, Ping An Shun Sui . It means, Follow the desire of your heart, peace and prosperity will flow smoothly with it. There is no doubt that desire motivates from needs to want, and move to more and more possessions, but ultimately may not end in peace and prosperity.  欲 (desire) is homophonic with 遇 (natural chance encounter). If the heart follows with the flow, there is more likelihood of peace and harmony. 

I was curious with the Chinese pictograph word Desire, YU. It comprises of two radicals, the left Gu means a valley, ravine or gorge (meaning confronting problems), and the right Gian, means debt or owe or insufficiency. Again, the Gian has 2 sub radicals, the bottom is ren, meaning man, and the top has two strokes, signifies a knife, shelter, or the original root of yawning sound in lethargy. 

I am not Chinese educated, but I look at pictures in Chinese words , and learn the philosophy behind the language, and the moral lessons from it. The sonnet is also a reflection of passing current events in world politics, especially between US and allies, and China. IF US and the Western allies wish to stay supreme, the morals must go with it, otherwise, desire carries a debt, a moral human debt, with the dagger at the top. 

"Must Dance With Wolves": China Foreign Minister's Remarks Go Viral. Again, the Chinese folklore about The Farmer and the Snake, with its abrupt ending, teaches us  that one learns to be smart when attempt to help another. Despite the lessons over the centuries, many still fall for it. Human beings like to find connection, but may end up in wrong wiring. 

I have some problems in copy and paste pictures from the web to promote some understanding of my poetry.



In doughy folds, the pasty holds its fill;

Soft, cheesy and sticky, a taste divine.

Ang Ku Kueh, a treat that brings thrill and spill;

In every bite, a flavour that aligns.

Yet in the oven, garlic bread does bake;

Its scent a fragrance to instill the heart.

The crunch of crust, the tender warmth it makes;

A perfect match with pasta, cheese or tart.

These two delights, so different and sweet;

Could bring us joy with every bite we take.

Flavors, textures and aromas compete;

A symphony of tastes we cannot fake.

In every meal, these two could grace our plate;

In their pleasures, our senses could sedate.


A friend send the pictures of ang ku kueh and Japanese garlic bread to Chat gpt, with instruction to compose a sonnet. I merely ensure each line has 10 syllables each.


Bathe in its shine and light in our walk;

The morning sun is a symbol of hope.

A new day, a new beginning:

Let us embrace it with open arms.

Our muscles and tone need to tone;

But let’s do it in spurts, not all at once.

Let’s take it slow: step by step

And feel the enrgy flow through us.

Time to greet the day with exercises

Beat up the pulp to get us energize.

Stretch and move, and feel the burn

Our bodies will thank us in return.

Let’s push ourselves to be our best;

And never settle for anything less.

With each rep, we grow stronger,

And our confidence last even longer.

Disability is not a weakness

Its a strength that we possess

We face challenges everyday

But we never get them in our way.


This was the morning message I sent to my of my friends and relatives:

Hurrah to the morning sun, bathe in its shine and light in our walk. The muscles and bones need to tone. Yet we need to do it in spurts. (Time to greet the day, and beat up the pulp in exercises. Ed I miss out a few words in forwarding via hp)Time to rest and continue my reading on THE POWER OF DISABILITY and find inspiration from others.

A friend sent that to Chat GPT and asked to compose a poem based on that. She then sent that reply to me. I called her back to check that my hp was not hacked.


Seclude spot on hill, stroll with stick to top;

Short serpentine slope, seek shelter to stop.

Vantage view to rest, embrace by green lush;

In love with the park, breath away with blush.

Shy after sunset, leaves from raintree fold;

At sunrise, crowns and canopies, unfold.

Old heritage stood for years near the lake;

Paddle, jungle hike or walk for health sake.

Leisure invigorates, caught by fast rain;

Rescue came, wade through slippery mud lane.

Shower was short-lived and hassle as brief;

Lives like falling leaves, and most end in grief.

Wander and wonder, roam in comfort zone;

Tone muscles and bones, my confine was known.


Often poetry comes to me in my contemplative walk; they are like air, flow in uninvited.

I enjoy my exercises during these short walk with Nature. The family usually know where to find me, in case help is needed. I prefer to chose sites with seats, shelter and toilets.

of course, I have read on the topic in order to expand my verses. I have been to MacRitchie Reservoir park many times over the years. However, the distance I covered gets shorter each visit due to my knees. I need to sit and rest to continue.

The pictures are all copied-pasted from the web with appreciation to their owners. Lately, the computer demanded a lot to download my own pictures, and the e skill defied me.