Index in ink pot, dip and stain to vote;

Ballot booth to note, choice of code to dot.

Gerrymander, with kith and kin, to win;

Coax clients and cash, teenage voters spin.

Millions enter scene, shift old power game;

Hung neck to neck, zealous bigots to blame.

Intrigue by scandals, dead knots suffocates;

Money, race and religion dominate.

Push burden baggage to King, with tags stain;

Five days to free knots, odd marriage is sane.

Avoid overstep, apology heals;

Hard to seal the cracks, hate erupts and feel.

Dearth to govern well, saga show his worth;

Mirth of politics, bridge gaps in new birth.


Malaysia celebrates Anwar Ibrahim as the 10th Prime Minister, after 30 years of political saga. It is not an easy take over, with so many ills and malaise in the country. However, with all the contenders for current power game, most fair minded Malaysians will think he is the best man for the post at a very bad time.

I have no political links. The sonnet is mainly a narrative of what I have read from the media and the many forwarded mails to me. In a multi racial and multi cultural nation, it is naive to think the dominant will share power fairly with the minorities, bearing in mind the demographic trend of the nation. Nevertheless we need to appreciate one another’s sensitivities, and learn to readjust and re balance at each changing phase of development. The future is for the young to decide, and it is not an easy world to live in. Best for the seniors not to mess up things. The consolation for the election is many corrupt politicians lost their deposits and end their legacies in historical dustbins.

The title of the sonnet was from the awe of watching seismic shift of earthquake in Indonesia lately.

The pictures are all copied-pasted from the web, with appreciation to their owners.


away from hustle

back to bustle of living

restlessness is bane

wind beat up ripple

sparkled surface roll to bank

serene silence stray

unsightly banners

dirty linens on display

system in shamble


My e boxes are loaded with election related mails and videos daily. Basically, they all shared similar racial content, and alert all to vote for their respective party. There are nothing new, the same old faces and farts that have failed the people and nation in every promise. Frankly I do not read them at all, for there are better things to read or do. I asked a youngster to drive us to nearby country towns. We went to the reservoir and hot spring and town of Kuala Kuku Bahru, and drove along west coast highway to Teluk Anson and Sitiawan; visiting and eating local favourite foods all the way. Heavy downpour on our way home, and it was wet and pitched dark to get back, with angst about flood in low lying areas. In the last flood, the PM talked about drainage and enlarged embankment etc, but it must be silly to take politicians talk seriously.

A senior submerged under water (T 42 C) with air nozzle above surface, for several minutes per episodes. He then took a rest , and repeat the ritual, over an hour. He visited the place twice a week. The umbrella (red) was to protect him against the sun at 32 to 35C. The toilet had no cold water services.


dark clouds and drizzle

flash and thunder under trees

strike in heaven”s way

rain drops fall on head

drizzle on bright sunny day

turn back, shine again

living with changes

walk the way or swear at sky

mind, weather or wrath


We face all kinds of woe and misery in a post pandemic world. The simplest daily problem is the unpredictable weather, especially in the coming months with the election. For the seniors, the travel is challenged, not only by the rain and flood, but also by traffic jam, and finding toilets to pee. In Malaysia, it’s much easier; no one will video a senior doing their natural download behind the bush. The same cannot be said in Singapore. The walking tracks in Singapore are excellent, paved and anti-slippery, lined by slogans to remind citizens to greet another, and defibrilator on stand by, and lots of lamp posts and CCTV, but no toilets in some long stretches. It’s hard to even do it in the bush, with so many CCTV around, and busybodies ( they have yet to reach the age to understand such problems). The pets have more rights than seniors, only the owners have to pick up the poo, not the pee. Well, I walk daily, whether in Malaysia or in Singapore, and my geographical confine is limited by my knees and bladder problems, though my prostate is normal. I have to readjust and balance my exercises, not excessive, and yet enough to overcome sarcopenia and osteopenia, and the weight, and related heart, lungs illnesses.I walk alone, but some prefer in groups.There are relative pros and cons for each, but in Malaysia, we meet before depart to greet hello and chat,even to strangers and other races. We have toopen our hearts, for another to open theirs. Perhaps people living in big city are more concerned about privacy.

Many of my poetry comes to me during the walk; they come uninvited.

The pictures are all copied-pasted from the web, with appreciation to their owners.


Polls on Toilet day, monkeys on mandate;

Money for stretched hands, frustrate may migrate.

Dark clouds loom on sky, flood doom the coastline;

Pacts in packs align, alliance define.

Download color code, all arrive by boats;

Dote on corruption, bloat with excess votes.

Earning short pay debts, ringgit value fall;

Prices rise daily, misery for all.

Ukraine war drags on, hard to compromise;

Stay supreme not wise, vain to realize.

Humans and devils, cross others” border;

Pick up piece of truth, and shout tall order.

Never fair and just, the world we reside;

Dare to face compete, hope and pride confide.


Our National Election will be on 19th November, which is UN Toilet Day, not a good day to chose, but there is fear of fresh flood ravaging the nation and disrupt the economy again. Candidates on both government and opposition parties align themselves in political pacts and form economic and racial packs, rather than multiracial in orientation.

The Ukraine war is more than 8 month, with advent of winter, and no end in sight. Tomorrow is Halloween , and humans and devils cross border, blurring the morals. Someone said satan picked up a piece of paper, and that is the devil’s version of truth, and how the others must follow. US must always be No 1, and the rest must just obey, especially Asians. Another war between US and China would be chaotic for the world, including US and allies.We hope leaders could wake up in time, for co-operation would be more relevant.

The narration was based on the forwarded messages I received in my daily life. The pictures are copied-pasted from the web, to assist understanding. My appreciation to their owners.


perks to go fly kites

best odd bets for ballot win

and with strings attached


With a tarnished image, Liz step down after 45 days of short lived glory. She will, however, get about 160,000 Sterling p.a. for life. Despite her PPE from Oxford, and experiences in many portfolios, and a think tank member in UK, she fumbled on her economic policy. Apparently she could not cope in a crisis situation. We wonder how effective would a electoral two or three party system select leaders in a modern world. We se the same failure in Malaysia, US, Europe and elsewhere. We share the same electoral tragedy with UK, in the sense of three PM within a short time, and a bleak future ahead.

The picture shown was copied-pasted from the web, with appreciation to its owner.

Apology: My figure was quoted from the internet. Nevertheless, it is still a hefty figure, in such bad times. I was again told, by Singapore standards, the sum was humble.

“No need for apology. 😊As of 2022, the British PM earns £161,401 annually made up from her salary as PM (£79,496) and the rest from salary MP”


upright stand to wise

copy crocodile crawl craze

far-off fads fade fast


My medical colleague in Malaysia advised me to start a fling with Crocodile Crawl in Singapore, as a Birthday Bonanza. With my frequent flare of osteoarthritis (despite the total knee replacement four years ago), he though I could still crawl at 76 years. As a counter joke, I replied I might need his girl friend’ sanitary to pad all my joints. I wrote this haiku to remind him that we evolved from homo erectus (standing upright) to sapiens (wise) over such a prolonged time.


Bomb and blast by both, Human Rights wordplay;

Kill to protect world, explain faith away.

Brainwash by bullshits, perspectives change hands;

Educate in West, feel the sand I stand.

Drag into quagmire of war, by weird west;

Sanctions and control, prices beat own breast.

Dollars dominate, obey and bow down;

Frown on comic gown, drown with frogs around.

Wars monger on, weapon traders enrich;

Ostriches bury heads, run by old witch.

Her charm causes chaos, breaks coastal sea chain;

Compatriots gain, sane with central reign.

Democide is a crime, condemn by all;

Aware of state terror, inspire by awe.


little litter bugs

throw and toss trash and tantrum

to meet ants” mindset

Glory to God for many splendoured things;

Learn to laugh in face of what sorrow brings.

Roots have rotted and pointless to trim crown;

Frown on corrupt clowns, uproot from base down.


I took a picture of the day break. A few friends wondered where was this lovely place with such a huge lake. It was the swimming pool in the condominium, overlooking the verdant hills beyond. Our eyes are often deceiving. It is a world of make-believe. The picture was taken with my hand phone in the early hours. It was a good time to exercise, without anyone around. With such a beautiful area, residents must learn to treasure it.

I was asked, whether I would be an activist, pick-up all the daily rubbish into the adjacent bins. “No”, was my reply. The cleaners would be out of job, and they would sat nearby, laughed out aloud. After my pictures and haiku, the management was prompt to clean up. New trash were seen thrown around, if the litter bugs pursued with their traditional habits. We share the environment and each of us are responsible for our own conduct. I would never throw wherever I go.

In the above four stanza lines, the first was from Hopkins, the second from Bob Dylan, and the last two contributed by me, inspired by news of another political election.


Seek enlightenment, strangers lurk in dark;

No light to spark life, hark and bark in lark.

In throes of distress, hush, help in hassle;

Pairs lock in battle, blind by the dazzle.

Perspective protects, but poles pull apart;

Stance causes conflict, letting go free hearts.

Duality duel breeds disorder;

Good is bad in disguise, fuzzy border.

Move towards goodwill, know beliefs divide;

Pride no longer hide, ignite light inside.

Opposite of opposite pairs do meet;

Pairs sit on other feet, sweet with deceit.

Polar pairs pierce at self, link and bond break;

Aware pairs are delusory and fake.


When one is in and out of hospital within a short time, the mind tend to be contemplative. Either the body or mind decay faster than the other. As one ages, sarcopenia and osteopenia or dementia, or forms of memory loss tend to follow.I exercise, even moderate for my age, there is always risk and side effects, and need to seek new balance. The outside world, with ceaseless wars and sanctions, is increasingly polar and racial. The Free World is no longer as free as one imagined. Even highly educated leaders appear really stupid. With that background, I re read Genesis and Loka Dhamma, with eights pairs of vicissitudes of living, and Taoism and Confucinism, and works by Jiddu Krishnamurthi for some inspiration. Well, all these are merely knowledges, and they will never provide light within. The series of personally events and changes in outside world, has helped me to see duality in different aspect. I understand that the pairs are not alone, but all linked together. Once a pair is understood with awareness , they fall apart, and no longer cause confusion and conflict.

The pictures are copied and pasted from the web with appreciation to their owners.


wind rattles the leaves

fall from grace, dead on ground

scatter as debris

drown by graft and debt

play finger pointing game , blind

to backward digits


The pictures are all copied and pasted from the web with appreciation to their owners.