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In a bistro, we celebrate our valentine;

My lady happy with the night and dine.

Our second time, she says, over four decades;

We dine outside often, many, she downgrades.

Great discount if you dine with other damsels;

Cancel wrong dates, aware about silly battles.

Strange accounts indeed, bigger sip for stout;

Burnt-out for details, I doubt without fall-out.

At my age, run out of bricks to erect walls;

The beers make one tall, small is my gall.

Cheers, my love, cherish our lovely night;

Good reminder, dear, careful with the bite.

My hairs are all white, not many years to share;

Engross in my poetry, not fair, but care as a pair.









   (心中的異鄉人 )



yearn to be happy


die with regrets and remorse


create own sadness


three brains into one: they fight


bypass, shift and refocus

繞過、 轉移重調整




I wonder:

About my unlived life, the path I had not trodden but engraved.

Had I took the path not travelled; this life would be oddly unlived.

I could only experience a lived life, and missed the imagined other.


I wonder:

If I lacked such experience, I missed a non-event, larger than life.

The surreal and dream had more lure and appeal than the actual.

Maybe some of my dreams and desire in a lived life were unfulfilled.


I wonder:

Had the imagination realised, the ghosts of unlived would continue to haunt.

These multiple devilish selves would continue to audit the worthiness of living.

It would search for meaning in work, relate, leisure in the journey travelled.


I wonder:

If all were sorted out well, there should not be any dying regret and whining at all.

Things and events did happen beyond control, with curiosity to look over the wall.

Stresses were part of living; we jumped over the obstacles or maimed by the fall.


I wonder:

The unexamined life was as worthy as examined, the worth personally defined.

Life was free but not self-willed fully; Delphic oracle might bless or curse the destiny.

Living was liked canoeing down a meandering river, with skill and luck in the rapids.



MALAYSIAN HAIKU/SENRYU: ECHOES 148 & ghostly gossips

MALAYSIAN HAIKU/SENRYU: ECHOES 148 & ghostly gossips


fallen withered leaves

luxuriant greens flourish

end is new begin



I was told not to let children dressed in devilish costumes, otherwise evil influences might incurred. Frankly, I thought children and adults were participating in some fun parties. The neighbours hardly visited one another. During Haloween here, the front gates  were at least opened and some good mutual wishes uttered.  The Chinese have their own ghost days, and we tend to stay indoors. Ghost, gui, in Chinese is written with three combined radicals. The top, xin, is a large unusual head with gapping fontanel; follow by ren (meaning people), and at the tail end is, mo (meaning selfish). In other words, selfish people has  large deformed head, and is ghostly in character. Chinese are never afraid of outside invaders, only cautious against internal gui. Play is role playing the hidden fear.

The food pictures were served to children’s invited friends, plus pasta and apple juices.





My family insisted that we celebrated my 70th (71 by Chinese calendar) in a local Chinese restaurant, Xuan Xi (meaning Happy).I limited it to two tables, for  family members only. My daughter and her husband, together with three grand children, took leave and flew from Singapore to attend. My son in law gave me a good vintage whisky, my sister and brother in law, an old Camus brandy, others with wine, and other gifts.  My brother could only attend on my 80th birthday!


Seventieth is just a marker on my journey. My daughter framed a picture of me when I was 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70; my nephew returned my old pictures (photos I sent to my father when I was a student in Australia) – good to know I was young and handsome then, but funny that hardly any girls ever interested in me, except one.