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simple story line

tell endless lies on China

build social construct

Overview - PhD | Sociology Department

recruit believers

imagined become real

shared birth of new myth

Sapiens - YouTube

sanctify story

dignify divine fiction

enshrine in altar

Takeaways from Sapiens by Yuval Harari | by Corey Breier | Corey's Essays |  Medium


The Covid-19 pandemic has infected 95 m people, with 2 million death today.

The US population (331m) is about 4.25% of world, but has 24 million cases (about 25%), and 4o.5 thousand death (about 20.3%), despite its high health standards and advanced technology. India suffered the same fate, much lesser, but nothing to be proud of. Despite these monstrous figures, many countries do not see the viruses as the enemy to combat, but pick on China. I am not a political analyst, but attempts to make sense out of the prevailing political nonsense. The endless lies are not necessarily on China; it may be replaced with Trump’s imagined stolen votes.

2 J.R.R. Tolkien's Sanctifying Myth: Understanding Middle-Earth Quotes &  Sayings with Wallpapers & Posters - Quotes.Pub

Strangely, Malaysia shares some similarities with US, but makes differences between Chinese in China, and in the country, or perhaps even Singapore and elsewhere. Dr. M and his successors share the same social construct and myth about the Chinese in Malaysia. These people reckoned the Chinese, with their long dynastic history and civilization were too smart for the local Malays. Thereby, laws are enacted to protect them (the weaker race) in every conceivable way. Infact, these laws only protect the rich and the well-connected elites, including some Chinese and Indians. Majority of the Malay masses are under that myth spell and never wake up to face the challenges and competition of modern living. Even the Chinese have to compete with their own kind. The world is never fair, because of the system and the governance, and this applies even to US and the West.

These faith believers react to Calling. In US, they stormed Capitol Hill; in Malaysia, anything is possible through back doors or revolving doors; or even long queue for a frozen chick, with danger of being infected. Our infected rate has risen to four figures, and death rate also increases.

Free frozen chicken programme organiser slapped with compound

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dawn is breaking soon

even if skyline is dark

nothing to resent

Beautifully Dark Night With Dawn On The Horizon : NoMansSkyTheGame

dim light is hidden

by layers of heavy cloud

loathe to unburden

Cloud Textures & The Tangle Heart Tree – Off Center & Not Even

wind roll them away

trap light escapes from behind

with silvery lines

Silver Lining Clouds High Resolution Stock Photography and Images - Alamy


This could only happen in America. President Trump incites his supporters to wreck violence at Capitol Hill. Then he called for peace in the safety of his room. Trump’s tweet was banned, against First Amendment, and an irony of double logic of free speech. In a free demo (people) crazy, there are checks and balances, but none in an asylum. Many of western and eastern intellectuals were infected with Trump’s “blame China for everything” disease, and still boast about Morality and Money in politics. They fail to retreat, and reflect on why their systems fail in a crisis of global magnitude. Even a small nation like Singapore handles the pandemic and its impact better.These intellectuals (Trump is never one) fail to see where the “battle field” is: Is it China or Covid-19?

Nonton The Legend of Fei (2020) Sub Indo EP 1-51 - LastaFella

In Malaysia we are equally paralyzed by the pandemic. From a low single figure, our infection shoots up to four figures, and sharing poor governance of many countries.  Before it’s was the foreign workers that was infected, and currently, it was the locals, across all racial divide. The suffering was complicated by flooding in some states.

Malaysia's daily Covid-19 deaths spike to record high of 16, new infections  drop to 2,643 | The Edge Markets

As a retiree, we spend most of the time, reading, listening, watching and writing at home, only going out to buy groceries and take-away meals. We still enjoy our daily early morning walk. The first few lines were inspired by a poetry in the Chinese movie, The Legend of Fei. It was a Kungfu movie, set in Northern and Southern Dynasty (534-550AD). Blame and hate can never solve any problem. We are physically locked, but never down with all the movement restriction. I learn a lot of Chinese watching movies.



Perfume of jasmine pervades with fragrance;

In bygone days, friends meet here with vibrance.

Hall of mirrors reflect fond memories;

Cascading fountains flash with grand glories.


Foliage purify and hang from high;

Koi swim with zest in rain water from sky.

Oaky serpentine windup stately stairs;

Mansion maintenance burden an old pair.

The birds have flown and leave an empty nest;

Down shift to a rented terrace is best.

With each changing phase, living space will shrink;

Without any blink, life moves on in sync.

Setia alam impian 4 - Properties in Setia Alam - Mitula Homes

Attitude alters to fit challenges;

Talent is needed not to lose balance.

SETIA CITY RESIDENCES- November 2020 - YouTube


In another three months, we will be shifting to our new condominium unit. Our living space gets smaller and smaller with each passing phase of life. Attitude need to be change for comfort living; the new balance is for survival. At the end of life, the coffin is even smaller and eventually it is dust to dust. With each shift, we declutter our belonging. The old pictures flash back our nostalgia. I wrote this sonnet to mark the occasion.

If we could declutter our books, clothing etc, we could also declutter out outdated mindset, or even relatives and friends. With a changing phase of living and environment, we need a fresh attitude to look at the changes the pandemic impacted on us.

Many of my readers have failed to observe the hanging coffin in the front page of my blog.This is a personal reminder on the transitory nature of life.



Failed states citizens, wake up to face facts;

Team up in crisis, cost to fight trade pact.

The blame propaganda sooth public ears;

Paralyze by pandemic, smears win cheers.

American Exceptionalism Failed the Test of the Coronavirus Pandemic |  Foreign Affairs

Free complexed systems spin out of control;

Fragile with poor governance eats their soul.

Pride and complacency rock the system;

Rhetoric ruin, win locks not in rhythm.

States of Fragility 2020 | en | OECD

Borderless virus, cross man-made red tapes;

Layers of freedom and checks break the brakes.

Lobbies and veto crazies show the trend;

Pretend there’s balance, never lasting end.

US Senate overrides Trump's veto of defense bill | DW News - YouTube

Learn from history, break link and connect;

Respect other cultures, reflect or wrecked.


The pandemic shows inherent weaknesses in advanced free democracies. They are not really as “open, free and steady” as claimed. Well, they are open in some ways, but close in the same path, such as media and social reporting. Even NYT, CNN, BBC, ABC and many top presses were too bias in their reporting. They forget to take off their western tinted glasses before they observe. Even a high intellectual such as Fareed Zakaria and his learned team (Ten Lessons for a Post Pandemic World is worthy of reading) have failed to understand other civilization and cultures. They were right that US and the West took the lead before the pandemic, but their societies could not cope with a crisis of that magnitude, due to their social systems. They failed to learn from others, but other could learn and acknowledge that openly. Some authoritarian, not all, could cope better than others, partly due to good governance. For instance, Singapore cope so well, compared with Malaysia. We only have to observe the cases accumulation and mortality figure to understand that. These countries do not lack top advisers and experts, but they are pushed aside for political reasons. The checks and balances in some democracies become hindrances for progress.

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Vision ends today, with woeful whimper;

Bitter as he aged, the nation wither.

His successors are a brood of lame ducks;

They quack in power and steal some fast bucks.

Goodbye, Vision 2020 – Malaysia Today

With dignified air, his dilemmas flare;

Inflame racial relate, care for own chair.

Laws and rules not fair, the brains for the drains;

Gains become chains, poor governance in pain


Burden with the strains, pillars crack and fall;

Pandemic waves surge, parliament in brawl.

Brokers enter hall, through backstabbing door;

All princes at war, regal as they swore.

Obama has no hope in Trump, and the crumbling pillars of European democracy  | | Marijuanapy The World News

Legacies of fallen leaders and state;

Maniac heads bloated to enter gate.

Who is Waiting at the Gates of Heaven? | Is St. Peter Waiting at the Pearly  Gates? - Beliefnet

Today marks the last day of Dr. M’s vision 2020. I wrote this sonnet to mark this historic day of a failed and disastrous vision. The vision is now pushed forward to 2030, and the blame game recycle by oxygen deficient neurons. If these leaders fail to learn but persist in blame, then the nation has little chance of recovery, with such quality leaders. Unfortunately many western leaders share the blame mentality, even before the virus hit their mindset. The poet is not a politician, but one who writes with conscience.

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idyllic setting

sun woo behind distant hill

in twilight decline

woolly headed brute

chase the charm of orange hue

augurs shift of shine

the moon of Christmas

dash away cheek and goodwill

hand and ankle cuffed


This haiku serial is inspired by Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, with the tittle Setting, posted on 22nd December, 2018.

This haiku\senryu is not published in my book. I re-post it here to wish all my Christian readers a Merry Christmas & New Year. Hope they cope well during this festive season. I also take the opportunity to show my gratitude again to Sue Vincent for her many inspiring photo prompt.



snared by spider webs

of faked news and failed systems

in global play field

Lessons From Brexit European Union Citizens From Fake News

panic without plan

mutation and great escape

brain inside tunnel

Hitchcock Flicks Give Your Brain Tunnel Vision | Inside Science

changing algorithms

no vision but division

by theocrasy

Exploring Metaphors of Change Management | news

work lost and jobs gain

info and biotech change

team up with centaur



Malaysia’s infected cases have soared near 100,000 cases, but death rate is still low. Now my Taman (Place of Residence) has 4 reported cases, but have to stop morning and afternoon walk outside the house until January 2021. Home exercises only. US, UK, Europe, Brazil, Russia and India have suffered high infected and mortality. Their solutions (the bias brains will always stick to their prejudices) were to blame it on China, as all these social systems have failed to cope with the pandemic, and a good way to redirect the problem away. Many find free liberal social systems cope poorly compared with some authoritarian societies.  Instead of wearing masks, keep physical distances, wash and keep clean, they talk incessantly about human rights and dignity.

Coronavirus pandemic could have caused 40 million deaths if left unchecked  | Imperial News | Imperial College London

Recently we witness scenarios of Great Escape in London (with 20 m population), in panic, and without central planning. Brexit had some odd discussion, but not the recent escape. It is more an escapism from the feared mutated virus in its fourth wave tsunami.  The brains are still hidden in the tunnels of earlier century.

The Escapists: Complete Edition - Nintendo Switch Review

The pandemic has reset the rules of game, as there is reversal of order. In every risk, there is always an opportunity to change for the better. It is how best human being tune and team up with our ecosystem and bio-engineering tech, relearning it in new ways.

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portal to portal

words are symbols to commute

from dream to daymares

Arthur Tress – Daymares – The Dream Collector (1972) | Stranger Than  Paradise

masked dystopia

omniscient clusters crop up

in unending waves

Coronavirus Pandemic Is Wake-Up Call to Reinvent the State - Bloomberg

old world overwhelmed

wired brains with no-touch future

panic crisis drags

Inside the Strange New World of DIY Brain Stimulation | WIRED

market revival

hidden social distances

race xenophobic

The Nature of Risk: Stock Market Survival & the Meaning of Life: Mamis,  Justin: Books


A lawyer poet commented that my haiku was pseudo poetry. Many commented that they made no sense out of my poetry, despite they scored A in their English tests. (Well, I had a P8 in my Cambridge School Certificate. I always stood up from the spot I fell.) A specialist even complained that I used his name to write, though he wrote no poetry. We all have our likes and dislikes. It is a strange world. At my age, I have no energy to engage in court battles. Please read or delete them if it’s offensive to you. I made no income or fame out of my poetry.

The pandemic in Malaysia appeared out of control.  From a low of single figure, we soared to four figures in infectivity. Fortunately, the mortality rate is still low at less than 0.5%. We overtook Singapore, and soon China, and would be at par with Europe’s poor governance in infectivity rate. Yet we unlocked our doors in certain movement, mainly to rescue our economy, which, in turn, would choke us too. I apologize, for my daily walk and poetry have contributed nothing towards national GDP. Not exactly so, for I will shift to a nearby new condominium, which required furnishing. The prices for materials and workmanship have soared and roared.

Monkeys Took Over The Car, But They Failed To Drive It – WHICH GOVT IS  THIS? – ZimEye

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soul out to outsource

face trap of data deluge

facilitate or frustrate

How HTAP Can Tame the Internet of Things Data Deluge

cede choice conundrum

supremacy reign ruin

velcro vanity

Pin on Math Bulletin Board

pride sticks despite change

freer with teflon mindset

fox frolic hedgehog



The pandemic impacted all of us greatly, especially with the advent of 5G, 6G technology, which would soon be outdated by graphene. We are forever faced with data deluge. Our mind is sold or soul out by the technology of modern social media. The fear of missing out compels us to react to many forwarded mails unread, or without reflection. We click “like” without validation, for it lacks supportive comments. The abundance and speed of data are both facilitative, and they frustrate many who are not as efficient in IT. Well, I am a victim and a beneficiary. The signs of mundane existence are living with the endless change (for better and worst), and the pain and gain, depending on one’s choice and the ego. It all depends on how the individual or even race or nation looks at the choice.

US and the West enjoys their supremacy for 130 years or more. The sun sets in all countries alike. There are conditions for their rise and fall. Velcro technology was invented by the West, but their greed and violence sticks, and eventually pay for what they reap. They understand well about the paradoxes of choice and change, but forget about the Teflon thoughts in a changing world. Their ego blows others off, and now it blows them in return. We need balance in our education, both focus mind and smartness in sensing, both arts and sciences, a multi-lateral connected world for the benefit of all human kind. The house wives have taught us the wisdom of the kitchen and tailoring.

Nonstick Cookware Safety Facts - Is Nonstick Cookware Safe

The third wave of Covid-19 has impacted Malaysia badly. We have lost control of the pandemic. The politicians over ruled the medical experts, even in vaccine choices. From a decline of single figure of infected, it has shoot up to three figures, overtaking Singapore currently, and China by the end of the year. The leaders stay supreme, and with dignity, but fail to learn in a changing world. Our rivers and reservoir are polluted often and unsafe on many occasions. Our education levels have fallen and racial based. Yet the skewed mindset did not help the dominant race; unable to compete nationally and internationally. The economy has fallen due to vast corruption and poor governance. There is gloom all over. Yet citizens pray for advent of light.  Perhaps I wont live to see it ….

In a connected world, it’s silly to ask who is the free rider. Without the raid and rape of resources, how do rich nations prosper?

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edifying waves

cause by drizzle on puddle

clear reflection gone

WATCH: Mist and drizzle are around, but when does the rain start? | Weather  |

the mud settles down

time to regain images

potholes on dirt roads

Pothole of the Day | WGNO

the heat dissipates

nature replenish itself

by ceaseless changes

Conserving the Earth | National Geographic Society


All the pictures are copied and pasted from the web with appreciation to their owners.