jaunt through steep jungle

sky bridge span across fringes

with safe overhang

elevated mood

saunter by treetop flora

park par excellence


We brought along our pet for a walk at Holt Park. It has been upgraded into a grand recreational horticulture cum educational park. In a small city state, it creates lots of interconnected parks out of forest fringes, and rivers out of monsoon drains. In Malaysia, we have excellent natural parks too, but they are soon rundown by poor maintenance. We turn rivers into seas (flood), and when the water recedes, into rubbish drainage. One may comment that it’s not fair to compare, but the two nations started at par level, in fact Malaysia, with all the resources, fair much brighter then. However, Vision 2020 ended with disaster, and endless PM and cabinet changes. The dominant race thought the solution , and not the cause, is due to inadequate racial integration or assimilation. Times have change, my grand kids keep reminding us, if we attempt to make them think outside the box.

Holt Park is an excellent walk, but unfortunately does not have toilets for seniors on the way. I asked my two primary school kids, what would I do, if I had urge to pee. Do I wet myself or do in nature, watering the tress, and add nitrogen and urea to enrich them? They replied it’s best to wet myself and clean up later. I replied, you pick up the dog poo, but not the urine? They seep through the holes of the bridge. In other words, there are more dog Right than human Right, and prostatism in senior is seen as a sin. More importantly, there are busy bodies who would spy and took a video and show in social media, in order to discredit the victim, without finding the real causes. Anyway, it’s too difficult for them to understand the issues, until they have reached that age.

Holt Park is an easy walk, perhaps seniors have to wear their pads, for planners (the young) hardly ever think of them. I find many people do not wear their masks, esp in groups. No one seem to take video on them and put them on social media. So it’s a matter of interest for the young.

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